The Cure – “Pornography”, talk about a CLASSIC album,

so aggro, so dark, so fuckedup, so “inyourface” hehehe,

love that feel, “The Figurehead” is one of my alltime fav Cure’s,

effin brilliant!  And just like Robert himself i hold this album

alongside the 1989 “Disintegration” as their best stuff  🙂

I cant believe “Prayers for rain” on “Disintegration” wasnt a

single, wtf its one of their best ever !!

“You shatter me
your grip on me
a hold on me
so dull it kills
you stifle me
infectious sense
of hopelessness and
prayers for rain
i suffocate
i breathe in dirt
and nowhere shines
but desolate
and drab the hours all spent
on killing time again
all waiting for
the rain

you fracture me
your hands on me
a touch so plain
so stale it kills
you strangle me
entangle me
in hopelessness and
prayers for rain
i deteriorate
i live in dirt
and nowhere glows
but drearily and tired
the hours all spent
on killing time again
all waiting for
the rain”

Once some chick had this grip on me

but never ever again, NO girl will EVER

has this effect on me again!!

I like “Black Velvet” whisky altho mr Nilsson

says its like “cheap crappy canadian whiskey”  hehe  ^^

Yeah ok so it aint “Mor” whiskey but its ok nevertheless,

altho next bottle ill buy will deff be just that, Mor whiskey  =)

Speaking of Canada, i really hope Mats Sundin, the KING of

Swedish hockey will WIN Stanley Cup fffs,

Mats “Sudden” Sundin is gettin old, hey hes only one year younger than ME

and im effin OLD ffs, its time soon for me to move on to next level  🙂

Okay so im a Penguins fan and has been since Ulf “Robocop”

Samuelsson was transferred there from Hartford in 1990,

theres not a cooler hockey player than Robocop,

if i was a hockey player id be just like Ulf, hardhitting and

“in-your-face”, who cares if the entire league hates you as long

as the team wins 🙂

Team is EVERYTHING dammit!

“Dont be sad, ill hugg you till you smile again,

your smile is the best thing ever on this planet

and id walk over burning hot fires for you to have a

smile on your face

Dont you know you mean everything to me?

All i want is you to be happy,

thats all i need to be happy myself

I dream about you and your happy face at night

Thats all thats important to me,

Without your smile im sinking

Deeper and deeper

Id never leave you



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