white ubertrash getting heeps of cash

no, not britney spears (this time hehe),

im talking about a somewhat famous

footballers wife, ive seen the documentary about

her, man i was totally amazed, she really IS

totally and utterly braindead, literllry speaking,

i mean wow, never seen anything about her

cuss she doesnt interest me in the slightest,

but i was waiting for the finals in Ladies World

Cup (Go Brazil, kill the germans!) and she was on,

shes really pathetic, im embarrassed for all of mankind

on her behalf, its a sign on how retarded and wrong

this world is when someone who knows nothing,

have no ambitions, is nothing (whats the latin for

“I dont think therefor im nothing”? “Cogito nillum,

Ergo Sum Nihil”?? hmmmmm) cant do anything,

totally skilless and utterly devoid of intellectual thought

processing (actually devoid of thought alltogether)

I quote Lister (from Red Dwarf tv show),

“a cancerous polyp in the anus of humanity”


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