foppa, stalin-wannabe and electronic body music

will deff watch Karjala Cup this year,

it starts the 8th this month and apparently

Peter “Foppa” Forsberg will be in it !

I saw “Hockeykväll” monday night with

coach Bengt-Åke Gustafsson, he announced,

quite by surprise, two extra players that he picked

for Karjala, one of them was Foppa,

i guarantee you that NOONE saw THAT coming!

hadnt he been out of a club atm, problems with his

foot and skates as he has had the last cpl of years,

hed def be playing in NHL, Karjala Cup is an

excellent way for him to checkout if his newly

operated foot is OK, and not mention quite

the enhancement for our team ffs !! :p

When he returns to NHL it would be awesome if he

went to Maple Leafs, just imagine Peter Forsberg

and Mats “Sudden” Sundin in same team, maybe even same

lineup! 😀 Ive always been a closet Maple Leafs fan hehehe =)


Saw that priceawarded 2 part french docu on Putin,

hes such a laughable character, i pity him and his

pathetic Stalin-wannabe wish, he tries soooo hard

to be as ruthless and devious as Josef Vissarionovitj

Dzugasjvili aka Koba aka Stalin (and no i didnt have to

google Stalin to get his REAL name, okay thats ’nuff selfpimpin

aight there ffs) born 1878, legend has it he ruled Soviet for 30 years

which isnt the case at all, legend has it that he became absolute

dictator when Lenin, or Vladimir Iljitj Ulanov, died in 1924,

which actually isnt the case, in fact noone in particular became

absolute ruler, Trotskij, Lenins closest friend and easily the most

intelligent of them “co-ruled” with Zinovjev and Kamenev

alongside Stalin, he (Stalin) then started to manipulate

the Central commitee and formed an alliance with Zinovjev and

Kamenev against Trotskij, his main adversary and most dangerous

opponent as he saw it (which i believe is true, Trotskij was brilliant,

intelligent, a good talker and organizer and he formed the Red Army etc)

and then trotskij had to flee the country in 1929, then Stalin,

as the backstabbing coward as he actually was, betrayed

his colleagues Zinovjev and Kamenev and he had them

executed as being traitors and “trotskijists” (not sure how swedish word

“trotskist” is spelled or bent grammarswise hmmm)

in 1936, and its by then and NOT 1924 as most people believes

he became absolute dictator, the brilliant author Simon Sebag

Montefiore shows in his book “Stalin – court of the red tzar”

how Stalin tried to prosecute highranking

communist officials in 1930 but was opposed from within the party,

but when he managed to have Zinovjev and Kamenev executed

in 1936 (shot in the necks and then the bullets was dug out

and given to NKVD boss Jagoda, and then when he was in turn

executed the bullets were passed on to his successor Jezjov,

“the bloody dwarf”, actually hes just 1 inch taller than pronstarlet gauge^^)

So in conclusion of this lenghty historical piece,
Stalin wasnt absolute dictator for 30 years (he died 1953),
rumours has it that Lavrentij Berija (NKVD boss after
Jezjov, survived Stalin but was arrested and executed
after Stalins death by Nikita Chrustjov, Stalins
somewhat unexpected successor)
gave him bloodthinning
medicine but noone really knows, Stalin was after all 75 years old
at the time of his demise, surrounded by his “co-workers”
Molotov, Malenkov, Berija, Kaganovitj (who actually cornered the
phrase “Stalinism”) and Chrustjov, Stalins favourite to succeed him had
died a couple of tears before aka Zjdanov, the “defender of Leningrad”
during its 900 days siege during WW2, “the pianist” as Berija
called him.
Stalin could be argued was an absolute dictator from around 1936
or, if one is “kind”, from 1934 after the suspicious murder of
Sergej Kirov, the last one who could, if he wanted to, oppose Stalin,
he and Stalin were friends but that wouldnt have stopped Stalin from
killing him to become absolute ruler (btw i just read the entry about
Kirov on Wikipedia, that piece was written by someone who obviously
has warm feelings towards Stalin and stalinism)
so in fact at most, Stalin ruled 19 years 1934-1953
or, more correctly as i see it, 17 years 1936-1953,
anyhow thats 19 or 17 years too long, one can only hypothise
what Soviet union would have been liked without Stalin,
maybe with Trotskij-Zinovjev-Kamenev at the helm
np – Muscle and Hate – “Join in the chant” (MrD remix) 😉


my D3mod is finally released ! =)

Just for “fun” , heres the readmeh thats accompanying it

(well parts of it anyhow) –

The Ice Trey Close Combat Weapons and Sound mod (ZZZ_TreyCCSM)

Okay, this is my second mod, the first was a very simple one,
the tweaked shotgun, this mod can be said being TWO
different parts, one deals with the weaponry
and the other with various sounds.

this mod changes some of the weapons,
** Pistol  — now its fullauto, 20round clip,
single shot has lesser spread than when fired auto,
i see it as a Glock 18c (wish i could skin hehe)
and i thought of having a 33round clip, but then it
would be sorta overkill (i think) so i stuck with the
reallife counterpart of default Glock 18c,
it has new angle, new firing sound, new reload sounds,
i found some nice reload sounds in a CS P226 Beretta
skin/model made by a guy called SuicideMachine
which I tweaked a little to fit in with the Doom pistol,
credit to him (nonworking mailaddy)

** Shotgun  —  now its fullauto, ie no pumpaction needed
except for when puttin in the last shell while reloading,
8 shells capacity, 1 by 1 shell reload, spread is “8”,
its REALLY handy for the (usually) narrow and tight
rooms/facilities of UAC! Beware though that the 8 shells
is emptied kinda quickly ^^ Takes about 3.5 to 4 seconds
to empty it .. Think of the XM1014 in CS and then you get a
good pic of what the shotgun is about now 🙂
New firing sounds, new reload sounds, new angle (kinda like my
other mod, the pump shotgun), new particle effect attached,
inspiration by Dafamas work

**  Machinegun  — renamed “p90 caseless”,
new angle, new sounds,removed the shell ejection
(hence “caseless”, for reference google “HK G11”) to gain
a lot of fps (maybe its my computer but without
shell ejection i get at least a 10-15 fps gain)

** Chaingun  — renamed “Pathfinder”,
fires tracer rounds (in shape of a particle effect)
which looks real nice in the dark (if i may say so myself),
fairly slow velocity on the bullets, added a little
splash damage (imagine explosive bullets^^) so dont fire
this baby too close to a wall 😉
Clipsize is 165, new nice hud by Dafama, it has a working
dryfire spinsound a la Predator (provided “autoreload”
in console is “0”), new firing sounds, new reload sounds,
lowered the firedelay to virtually zero so it doesnt start the
actual firing of the weapon about 2 minutes AFTER one died

** Rocketlauncher  — 10 clip, the reload is a little slower,
new explosion effect (yet again by Dafama hehe), new firing sounds,
new sound for the rockets flight in the air, tweaked muzzleflash

** Grenade  —  added a new particle effect so it glows a little
after its thrown, removed the “bathing ball bounce”,
new explosion sounds (also for rocket), new throwsounds,
lowered the selfdamage, although it shouldnt be needed because
the fuse is set on 4.5 seconds

** BFG — tweaked Dafamas “BFG Vortex mod” a little,
its basically his mod but i changed the surrounding lights from
bluegreen to darkblue, new firing sounds, new reload sounds,
a bigger 66clip so you dont have to reload after every shot,
lowered the selfdamage when overcharged so you dont die
(unless youre using the BFG on a low hp that is^^)

Other changes include –
*The cool gloves made by Faiakes and used with his permission,
NO real bad@ss marine should do without them ! :p
*25 armor from scratch
*changed the backpack so when you find one you get 63 bullets,
24 shells, 13 grenades etc, also health and armor (HOW many backpacks
are there by default in doom btw?? 3? 4? I do NOT see this as a
“cheat” as some do, WHY have a backpack filled with NOTHING?
Although you MUST have at least ONE bullet for the pistol to actually GET
those 63 bullets, nothing i can do about that)
*Are you like me and deadtired of losing half your HP
every time you accidentally take TWO steps in a stair?
The doomguy is a tough, seasoned marine and not some
highschool girl trippin around in heels, now you lose 5 hp
instead of 30 (!) whenever you “fall” a whole 1 foot
*Beware of exploding barrels, now they can easily kill you if youre too close..
*Beware of any enemy armed with a wrench, esp if theyre somewhat
on the chunky side, thats all im saying about that…
*Beware of the Imp, way stronger now, deals out more damage
alongside a new red projectile, 4 times more damage if he manages to
jump on you, which is a good chance will happen because
the scripts now tell the Imp to attack you a LOT more than default ..
Again, Dafamas hand is over the script 🙂
*Any demon that have the jump attack should be avoided,
going one floor above it will not help you anymore,
now they jump way higher and more often than before ..
*Gibbing. Not. Instead of gibbing theres a burning away effect
(the Imps actually) of 2 second delay before the burn,
gibbing is a strain on the computer so no more lag
because of it (and no i dont have a dualcore 8800 gtx 4 gb
ram computer, very far from it)
The code for this isnt mine, it comes from
Ivan_the_B, check his readme

*Incorporated the “YAFM Headlight on-off flashlight mod”
by CHaSE (, THE best flashlight mod ever
simply because a-it doesnt remove the muzzleeffect, and
b-its great being able to turn it OFF sometimes
to avoid the washedout effect in litup areas 🙂
Read his readme on how it works, but basically all you
have to do is to go to Options menu and then set a key

*New loading screen

*And other small changes


been finetuning it for like weeks,

if not months, so its real nice to have it out fffs !!  :p

“The compassionate society”?

The headline is, except for the “?”, a great episode

of the great comedy series “Yes Minister”,

but concerning our rightwing regim were suffering under

at the moment (i have NO worries though over the

fact that they will LOSE next election, every rightwing

junta we suffered under the last 50 years or so

ALL sat ONE 4 year period and then the opposition,

the Social Democrats have regained power)

they have shown their true face over and over —

the rich are getting richer and, subsequently

since the rich are getting richer someone else has to

become more poor to finance the rich getting even richer,

and yup you guessed it, the poor, the unemployed,

the elderly senior citizens and the longterm sick people

have all gotten poorer since the election, a fact that

fredrik reinfeldt (leader of this regime) totally lies

about and says we have all become richer,

well i guess when one earns 25 times more than

any common worker its hard to hold so many zeros

after the first “1” in the paycheck in memory

to be able to compare prices and stuff, which is ironic

since they all went to Economic schools after their

9year primary ed (i wonder what Sir Humphrey

would think about our politicians and the equivalent of

the LSE  hehe)

Just today the showed their version of

“The Compassionate Society”,

a 65yearold woman, suffering from a lungdisease called

“Kol”, she also has Menihres disease and have suffered

two strokes, and the government denies her money

for adjusting the front door with some automatic opener

and some lift adjustment, she has to walk 50 meters (about 180 feet or so)

and take 3 (three!) lifts to get out or in …

The sadistic and retarded individuals who decided on this

should get penalized by public flogging, i personally

would gladly pass water on those bureucrats


Fields of The Nephilim

“Revelations [Remastered 2007]”,

a VERY nice compilation by this legendary

gothicrock band, the singer Carl McCoy is

ten times the singer “von” Eldritch could ever

hope to be 😉
Im also throwing in, for good emasure i guess,
some old The Garden of Delight,
my fav album aka “The Sargonid Seal”, their third album,
and (yet again) their dismantling their band with the release
of a new album any day and some (surprise surprise) compilation
this upcoming early spring “In memorian”


wtf, now this blog is saggier and laggier than my old one



well, lets hope my insurance will cover the

newly arisen expenses ive had, im prohibited

to talk about them so i wont 😉

np Love Like Blood

“Odyssee”, from 1994, its the perfect mix of
goth, metal and umm a lil mix of everything inbetween
goth and metal ^^
They started out as mere Fields of The Nephilim wannabes,
but by this albums release they found something
new and refreshing in their sound, its a bit Nephilim, a lil
Metallica, some Type O Negative, a strong sound with
a nice beat but also emotional thoughtful stuff mixed into it,
to me this is the ultimate LLB album, good melodies,
good songs, unique sound (noone sounded like this around
this time), best songs are “Fallacious Worlds”, “Stormy Visions”,
“High tension”, “Night is young”, “Lures” and “Dont leave me”,
and they also have some of the best intro “song” ever in form of
titletrack “Odyssee”, a mere 1.38 long its a very suitable intro
for this album 🙂