Tarantino is back!

Well, not just yet but close, i can feel hes returned

to his oldtime self, I just saw Grindhouse part 1 film,

“Planet Terror”, by his buddy Robert Rodriguez and i totally

LOVED it ! 😛 Zombies, bloody guts, doublebarrel

shotguns, more zombies, blood and plenty ole

goodtime gore, chicks with no brains (literary)

and even more zombies, what more could one ask for??!

And oh yeah, THE hottest sexiest twins I ever seen in form

of Venezuelan (Venezuelian?? hmm) uberchicks

Electra and Elise Avellan! 😛 😛

Im fairly sure though that individuals with a somewhat

@nal character and/or with a dry sense of humour

(which is the worst kind imho) will probably

not like this film .

Tarantino seems (dont know yet) to be back,

im gonna watch his part II of Grindhouse ie

Death Proof tomorrow, will be interesting,

his first film ever “Reservoir Dogs” is in my Top 5

films ever made, and his two latest, “Kill bill 1 and 2”

are both on my Top 5 sucky films ever, so it will

as said be very interesting tomorrow to see if he indeed

IS back or not =)

Remind me to get my fav snack, Cheese Doodles ffs,

had to see “Planet Terror” without ANY snack ffs

that sucked, so to compensate i had 5 beers hehe 😛


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