Duran Duran, somewhat cheesy band i guess,

nevertheless i have a load of interesting memories

to them, esp the first two album (81 and 82),

then i lost interest in them, too much americainspired

stadiumrock for me (exactly the same with

Simple Minds and Tears for Fears, they all started good

and then they became just like every other band at that time)

but theres a new compilation out, “Essentials Compilation

which is great, the entire (!) “Rio” album is included,

my fav album by them from 1982, and the whole compilation

is based on early stuff, when they were still interesting

(the only exception from that statement is the “Arcadia”

project with half of the band, they released one album in

1985-86 which sounds very good),

the b-side (“b-side”? computer syntax error for anyone

under 20 i guess ^^) of “Rio” is vastly underestimated,

so soothing and totally awesome to listen to in one go,

“Hold back the rain”, “New religion”, “Last chance

on the stairway”, “Save a prayer” and “The chauffeur”,

maybe im seeing them in some nostalgic shimmer,

i dunno, anyhow i love them and i recommend this

compilation to anyone whos interested in their early career,

it also has 5 tracks from the debut and a couple of

nice b-sides to various singles, including their

rather cheesy cover of “Fame”,

man it reminds me i have a copy of the

first ever release by them ie “Planet Earth” (“Careless memories”

on the flipside), wonder how much that is worth today hmmmm

And oh yeah, i still hold Roger Taylor as the best drummer

in the world, altho Dave Grohl (Nirvana) is a tough contender 😉

*edit*  i forgot to mention, ive heard the new Kent single

release, “Ingenting” (“nothing”), well, appropriate name actually,

its nothing special about Kent anymore, from “Isola”, their best

album teleased eons ago, theyve gradually became more and

more bland and mainstream, i did like that double B-side

album, but not any real album since “Isola”, i think theyre

immensly overrated


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