uncle x2 n loathe microshite

hehe today at 2.25 pm my sister gave birth to

a boy, which makes me yet again an uncle 🙂

So in a couple of years when im gonna be babysitting

theres gonna be TWO lil hellraisers hmmmmmm 😉


hmmmmmmm im receiving news from the

“Uppdrag granskning” (Swedish telly prog,

investigative journalism, FAR from the “journalism”

conducted by aftonbladet) theres always some links to

streaming vids, like youtube has on its (immensly LAGGY) site,

but i cant watch it, and why? Theres only TWO players to choose

from, either microsofts windoze media player (total bloatwarez,

its 100 percent blocked in my comp) or the Real player

which isnt an option, that crappy laggy crap player aint gonna be on

MY comp ever, WHY the f”#!”k cant i choose MY OWN

player then??!!? WHY must i choose between the plague and the

kolera?? I refuse, i use either the VLC Player or the wmp

Windoze media player CLASSIC (which is like 50000

times better than the current obese wmp, it has no lag,

no fancy shells or crap, its JUST a player (which, coincidentally,

thats exactly WHAT a GOOD media player should be like to minimize

lag and stutterness and crap, i wanna see the actual FILM,

not the shell surrounding the film)

but apparently microsft has decided that one MUST use their stuff

or some sucky affiliate to them (soviet russia anyone??)

and i for one am not gonna comply,

i say to them “an archos” which is greek meaning

“without (a) leader/leadership”, the internet is supposed to be

FREEDOM, but its getting more crampy everyday..

Speaking of dictatorship, teh Sputnik is 50 this very day

hmm i dont remember but was Laika on that one,

or was the poor dog tortured to death on some other

russian satellite?


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