not only the *BEST* album by Kraftwerk

but also the world we live in (and live in

hamburg? hmmmm ^^), anyhow,

my sisters newborn boy is doing better and better

and she will be able to take him home around thursday

according to the latest diagnoses  🙂

Was at someone today and fixed his (or her)

computer, he or her runs an illegit copy of a certain

OS and i removed all the unwanted “this copy isnt

validated” 36 diff balloon tips/popups and thus making the

computer in q way more smooth and quicker,

also installed some apps, incl the very good “K-lite codec pack”

its almost as excellent as the “X codec pack” , actually

its virtually identical codecs in them ^^

Essential to any computer.

Ive noticed that some people have a “permission-needing”

blog, imo i dont see any reasons that could validate such

a behaviour, the reason behind a blog, or a forum,

isnt that to allow people to see and/or “participate” in the

blogowners life and/or activities?? To make it totally private is

to render the blog in question superfluos, and it also borders

to egocentric and elitistic behaviour, almost to that of a sect,

to be somewhat to “the point” as it were, its very original and imaginative,

and also quite novel


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