np Love Like Blood

“Odyssee”, from 1994, its the perfect mix of
goth, metal and umm a lil mix of everything inbetween
goth and metal ^^
They started out as mere Fields of The Nephilim wannabes,
but by this albums release they found something
new and refreshing in their sound, its a bit Nephilim, a lil
Metallica, some Type O Negative, a strong sound with
a nice beat but also emotional thoughtful stuff mixed into it,
to me this is the ultimate LLB album, good melodies,
good songs, unique sound (noone sounded like this around
this time), best songs are “Fallacious Worlds”, “Stormy Visions”,
“High tension”, “Night is young”, “Lures” and “Dont leave me”,
and they also have some of the best intro “song” ever in form of
titletrack “Odyssee”, a mere 1.38 long its a very suitable intro
for this album 🙂


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