“The compassionate society”?

The headline is, except for the “?”, a great episode

of the great comedy series “Yes Minister”,

but concerning our rightwing regim were suffering under

at the moment (i have NO worries though over the

fact that they will LOSE next election, every rightwing

junta we suffered under the last 50 years or so

ALL sat ONE 4 year period and then the opposition,

the Social Democrats have regained power)

they have shown their true face over and over —

the rich are getting richer and, subsequently

since the rich are getting richer someone else has to

become more poor to finance the rich getting even richer,

and yup you guessed it, the poor, the unemployed,

the elderly senior citizens and the longterm sick people

have all gotten poorer since the election, a fact that

fredrik reinfeldt (leader of this regime) totally lies

about and says we have all become richer,

well i guess when one earns 25 times more than

any common worker its hard to hold so many zeros

after the first “1” in the paycheck in memory

to be able to compare prices and stuff, which is ironic

since they all went to Economic schools after their

9year primary ed (i wonder what Sir Humphrey

would think about our politicians and the equivalent of

the LSE  hehe)

Just today the showed their version of

“The Compassionate Society”,

a 65yearold woman, suffering from a lungdisease called

“Kol”, she also has Menihres disease and have suffered

two strokes, and the government denies her money

for adjusting the front door with some automatic opener

and some lift adjustment, she has to walk 50 meters (about 180 feet or so)

and take 3 (three!) lifts to get out or in …

The sadistic and retarded individuals who decided on this

should get penalized by public flogging, i personally

would gladly pass water on those bureucrats


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