foppa, stalin-wannabe and electronic body music

will deff watch Karjala Cup this year,

it starts the 8th this month and apparently

Peter “Foppa” Forsberg will be in it !

I saw “Hockeykväll” monday night with

coach Bengt-Åke Gustafsson, he announced,

quite by surprise, two extra players that he picked

for Karjala, one of them was Foppa,

i guarantee you that NOONE saw THAT coming!

hadnt he been out of a club atm, problems with his

foot and skates as he has had the last cpl of years,

hed def be playing in NHL, Karjala Cup is an

excellent way for him to checkout if his newly

operated foot is OK, and not mention quite

the enhancement for our team ffs !! :p

When he returns to NHL it would be awesome if he

went to Maple Leafs, just imagine Peter Forsberg

and Mats “Sudden” Sundin in same team, maybe even same

lineup! 😀 Ive always been a closet Maple Leafs fan hehehe =)


Saw that priceawarded 2 part french docu on Putin,

hes such a laughable character, i pity him and his

pathetic Stalin-wannabe wish, he tries soooo hard

to be as ruthless and devious as Josef Vissarionovitj

Dzugasjvili aka Koba aka Stalin (and no i didnt have to

google Stalin to get his REAL name, okay thats ’nuff selfpimpin

aight there ffs) born 1878, legend has it he ruled Soviet for 30 years

which isnt the case at all, legend has it that he became absolute

dictator when Lenin, or Vladimir Iljitj Ulanov, died in 1924,

which actually isnt the case, in fact noone in particular became

absolute ruler, Trotskij, Lenins closest friend and easily the most

intelligent of them “co-ruled” with Zinovjev and Kamenev

alongside Stalin, he (Stalin) then started to manipulate

the Central commitee and formed an alliance with Zinovjev and

Kamenev against Trotskij, his main adversary and most dangerous

opponent as he saw it (which i believe is true, Trotskij was brilliant,

intelligent, a good talker and organizer and he formed the Red Army etc)

and then trotskij had to flee the country in 1929, then Stalin,

as the backstabbing coward as he actually was, betrayed

his colleagues Zinovjev and Kamenev and he had them

executed as being traitors and “trotskijists” (not sure how swedish word

“trotskist” is spelled or bent grammarswise hmmm)

in 1936, and its by then and NOT 1924 as most people believes

he became absolute dictator, the brilliant author Simon Sebag

Montefiore shows in his book “Stalin – court of the red tzar”

how Stalin tried to prosecute highranking

communist officials in 1930 but was opposed from within the party,

but when he managed to have Zinovjev and Kamenev executed

in 1936 (shot in the necks and then the bullets was dug out

and given to NKVD boss Jagoda, and then when he was in turn

executed the bullets were passed on to his successor Jezjov,

“the bloody dwarf”, actually hes just 1 inch taller than pronstarlet gauge^^)

So in conclusion of this lenghty historical piece,
Stalin wasnt absolute dictator for 30 years (he died 1953),
rumours has it that Lavrentij Berija (NKVD boss after
Jezjov, survived Stalin but was arrested and executed
after Stalins death by Nikita Chrustjov, Stalins
somewhat unexpected successor)
gave him bloodthinning
medicine but noone really knows, Stalin was after all 75 years old
at the time of his demise, surrounded by his “co-workers”
Molotov, Malenkov, Berija, Kaganovitj (who actually cornered the
phrase “Stalinism”) and Chrustjov, Stalins favourite to succeed him had
died a couple of tears before aka Zjdanov, the “defender of Leningrad”
during its 900 days siege during WW2, “the pianist” as Berija
called him.
Stalin could be argued was an absolute dictator from around 1936
or, if one is “kind”, from 1934 after the suspicious murder of
Sergej Kirov, the last one who could, if he wanted to, oppose Stalin,
he and Stalin were friends but that wouldnt have stopped Stalin from
killing him to become absolute ruler (btw i just read the entry about
Kirov on Wikipedia, that piece was written by someone who obviously
has warm feelings towards Stalin and stalinism)
so in fact at most, Stalin ruled 19 years 1934-1953
or, more correctly as i see it, 17 years 1936-1953,
anyhow thats 19 or 17 years too long, one can only hypothise
what Soviet union would have been liked without Stalin,
maybe with Trotskij-Zinovjev-Kamenev at the helm
np – Muscle and Hate – “Join in the chant” (MrD remix) 😉


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