body art


nice bodypiercing heh??

I thought of calling it something like

“BURST APPENDIX” or similar



grumpy geesers and persuading telly shows

congrats to Patrik, hes 40 now, yes f o r t y, geez that means theres

at least one dude out there older than moi (“pretentious??! Moi??” lol)

so that makes me feel better : )

I can announce the worlds greatest intromusic to ANY telly show

EVER, and that is “Persuaders”, starring Roger Moore (second best Bond

ever after Brosnan) and Tony Curtis, music is by longtime

veteran John Barry, not only is it the greatest piece of music for a

show, its also actually ahead of Kraftwerk in the use of a Minimoog,

its made in 1970 when Kraftwerk was just formed and they still used

a lot of “analog” equipment such as guitars, flute etc,

i guess the show itself is considered a bit on the cheesy side,

but i love it cuss it has somethng telly shows doesnt have

nowadays ie CHARM, i love the banter between Brett Sinclair,

lord of the realms, portrayed by Moore and Danny Wilde,

american selfmade man, played by Curtis, i think they connect

good in the show and the producers couldnt have made better choices 🙂

I also kinda like the oldtime fights, you know the ones where people

still are standing up after like 15 good hard knocks and still not a drop

of blood, totally unrealistic but suits the show good 😉

Shame they only made 24 episodes, i always wondered whay there

werent more episodes made, but i think its because Roger Moore started

doing Bond kinda straight after this show, where in fact he kinda played Bond

modeled quite a lot off the Brett Sinclair imo hmm


Currently reading Guido Knopps “Hitlers warriors” (sorry no link found

on google) about a bunch of the

top soldiers (ie NOT the politcal people in Hitlers circle, such as propaganda

minister Goebbels, SS boss Himmler, architect and later minister of armaments

Albert Speer etc) like Erwin “Desert fox” Rommel, Wilhelm “lakeitel” Keitel

and Erich von Manstein, and i lol-ed literary when i read a comment

about von Manstein that his math teacher (prob long time deceased by now)

told his parents about him in school “Smart men lat”, which translates to

“clever but lazy” or “intelligent but lazy” cuss its the EXACT phrase

my old maths teacher (dont rem his name, only his nickname, “kvinnan”,

ie “the lady”) told my parents about me when i was in the 9th grade 😉

Well, nice to know i share the sentiments of one of Hitlers most

successfull generals (later field marshal) ^^


Currently playing New Order – “LowLife”, from 1985,

i used to think that “Technique” from 1989 was the best, but lately

ive come to the conclusion that “Low Life” is the best NO album =)

Speaking of great music (ie not much of that lately, today its mainly

Idol, best of Survivor and similar nonessential bull, oh yeah that

reminds me, Sting and his Police is reforming, the most unnecessary

and nonessential crap band of all times are reforming, its so TRUE that

some journo said sometime somewhere, “happy content people shouldnt

be in the music bizz”) Morrissey has announced a new album for early next year

followed by a world tour, man i MUST go see him in concert ffs!!

Also theres gonna be some “best of” album, i have everything but ill prob

get it anyhow =)

The other week i wrote a little about Trotskij, Leningrad, Kirov
and Wikipedia, and how much errors there was in the swedish wikipedia
about it, well i corrected it by re-writing it, the guy from Gothenburg
who wrote it obviously is a diehard stalinist (duh there wasnt any “Leningrad terror
circle run by Zinovjev and Kamenev”! That was just a scapegoat excuse by Stalin to do a lil “cleansing”!
GET THE FACTS instead of relying on noncritical dogma!!)

RIP Cassandra

You were part of our family for 17.5 years

and now youve gone to meet Tusse in heaven

Rest in peace knowing you were loved