replicants ,scars and sof3

and no, not “replicant” as in a Covenant song

but the “Bladerunner – the final cut” multidvd release

now, one of my alltime favs actually, remastered and redone

by Ridley Scott in person, cant wait to see it! Some new scenes,

polished stills, a more “revealing” ending (i could spoil it for ya

since i do KNOW what that ending is, but i wont ^^)

and it comes in various dvdboxes, 4 and 5 set etc, behind the marketing tho

there IS a great film and youre a bunch of n00bish fools if you

miss this, its that simple.

“All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain”  – uberclassic

line from a severly underrated actor ie Rutger Hauer (his agent should be

put against a wall and shot)


removed those 14 metalclips from my appendectomized tummy

last night,  now all im waiting for is for the diabetes nurse to setup

an appointment


been playing some of the new “Soldier of Fortune 3 Payback”,

i can see why it was released as a Budget Price Value game,

cuss it kinda sucks, o well, theres always Sof2 altho i dont play it

anymore, I also dl the Crysis sp_demo recently,

stunning graphics from the stills ive seen but im not gonna play it,

no point when i barely meet the minimum reqs….

I saw that box of Battlefield 2, the one with everything

released for it in it (incl 2 big expansions etc) at a very reasonable price,

its a couple of years old so i can play it with full graphics and

on a filled 64 players server without any lag whatsoever

(except for if theres serverlag, nothin i can do about that )


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