IE is the b!tch to Firefox for all times

I mean duh!, you cant do SQUAT with IE,
totally uncustomiable, its THE least secure
browser ever (Active X scripting is retarded),
it crashes, it burns, it sucks, its as rigid
and stiff as a 100yearold corpse,
it should be avoided as the plague,
in this day and age with WAY better alternatives
such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox,
im amazed anyone is even contemplating using
IE, its THE most crappy browser ever,
totally unsecure and utterly useless,
to put it in modern times IE is, at best,
the bitch to Firefox,
today i installed a new Theme for Firefox,
“Aero Fox”, a nice dark and very slick theme,
wanna change the buttugly look of IE hmm?
Tough, you cant, youre stuck with that lousy look
forever, and youre stuck with THE most unsecure
and the worlds most easily hijackable browser of all
times, Firefox has like 5000 plugins that changes the feel,
behaviour, look of Firefox, are you tired of all the spam and ad
banners that all sites has today? With one click i can block them
in various plugins for Firefox, i cant even remember the last
time i saw a popup, something one is forced to endure with IE,
its but a memory with Firefoz, I blocked all ad-scripting from any
of the top 200 banner/spam companies, i put my plugins to the test
recently, I went to Aftonbladets site (Swedish newspaper),
it has like 400 scripts and banners and a LOT of retarded junk
running in background, first i disabled all my adblocking plugins for
Firefox and it took like at least 30 seconds (!!) to load the entire
site, then i cleared the temp folders and deleted all cookies etc
(with the help of Ccleaner, totally indispensable freeware program!)
and restarted Firefox, then went to Aftonbladets (its also called
Aftonhoran, or the evening whore, prob cuss it has changed from
a serious evening paper into a paper that always have the sentence
of “celeb X speaks out!” on every page) site again with the plugins
enabled, took like .5 sec to load the site with the essentials
ie NO .gif images (999 of 1000 times its an ad online),
no “google-analytics.js”, no “” scripts etc etc
etc BULL, it loads the content that one wants to see and
nothing else, as its supposed to be,
all of this cant be done with the dinosaurlike IE bull browser

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