bada bing and sucky actresses

well i just finished the entire “Sopranos” series,
six full seasons and like 369 hours or something ^^
That was one helluva show, my two favs are
Paulie and Sil, if youve seen it you know who they
are, and if not, tough shit! 😉
The end though, either that was pure genius or
it plain sucked backside, i can see both sides …

Just saw Kingdom, the idea was interesting,
but the film itself wasnt, WHY is someone as
untalented, lame and totally worthless as
Jennifer Garner in it?? Anyone have any ideas
about this?? Shes as sucky as that biglipped latino
chick, Alba or something, geez talk about pure
crappy actresses, i do have a theory on why
they keep getting roles, theres an expression called
“casting couch”, rumours has it that that thing ended
in the 70s, obviously it didnt.

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