“Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D” and Robocop

and no thats not me 5p34I<1NG 733T (“speaking leet”),
its the (official) name of the new Nine Inch Nails
remix album (if you dont get it, the headline reads
“YEARZEROREMIXED”), its various mixes from the
latest NIN album “Year Zero” (which imo isnt all it couldve been)
and theres some OK mixes, some suck and one is easily the best of them,
its “God Given” which is mixed by Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert,
and if youre a total musical n00b you dont know who they are,
and then you need to be severly disciplined by a hard horses whip,
Stephen and Gillian are, not only a couple, but also members
of New Order (although Gillian has left the band to take care
of their son whos long time il) and their mix of “God Given” owns the entire
album 😀

We need to clone Ulf Samuelsson, my alltime fav hockey player,
he was a very “In your face” kinda player and Swedens hockey team of
“Tre Kronor” (or Three Crowns, from the national crest that derives from
very old times) desperately need a defensive player that can play
like he did, we dont have a player of his calibre anymore and it shows off
a lot lately, we just lost to Soviet (or russia or whatever, im fairly sure
it will be renamed to something like TUFOP or The United Federation of
Putin soon) and a hardhitting player of his quality is what we need,
sure Ulf was a somewhat dirty player but he was immensly effective
and many have (or “has”? hmm i finished school with the
highest grade possible in English but today i cant even decide
which is the right form here of “have” or” has” lol)
said that noone gave harder bodychecks

Reflection —

Isnt it the highest form of hypocrisy to read “dont spread this around,
go buy this album and support the artists!” thats always
written in the “readme.txt” that comes with the mp3-folder,
that one can download off the www?
I wonder what Oscar Wilde could
have said about this ^_^

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