kubrick = pwnage

theyre gonna rerelase 5 of Kubricks most famous
films (umm arent they ALL famous?)
incl my alltime fav film, A Clockwork Orange,
alost Full Metal Jacket (best of the Vietnam war
movies that came around at that time, like Platoon
and Hamburger hill), The Shining and 2 others,
as soon as i get cash (im so low on that atm
with all the hospital bills, medicine costs and shit)
im gonna buy them, every film is a double dvd set,
and another film thats out now im deff gonna buy is
Bladerunner The final cut, apparently theres diff
sets of it, incl a 5 (!) dvd set (thats not a set, thats a box)
buy i think im gonna settle for the double dvd set if theres gonna
be such a small, minute edition as a mere double dvd ^^

Apparently The Human League played at Berns, Stockholm
last night, thats a band that has passed its expiration date
about 15 years ago, but actually i would have liked to see it,
afaik they played their monster hit of an album ie “Dare!”
from start to finish, thats cool πŸ˜› And also a couple of other
hits they had (and NO Magnus, whos living with his mom at age 39,
“Crash” is so NOT the best album they did, its actually one of their
worst ones! Its so lousy it should be sent back in time to mid30s
in Berlin in time for the bookburning fires)

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