aftonbladet – hoes

gutterpress jazzrag wannabe aftonbladet (im not gonna link
to their site, its one of THE most scriptfilled sites online
that i know of, it takes 5 mins to load the entire site if you
go there, well for me it actually takes 5 seconds thanks to
Firefox and a couple of good plugins but nm) has started
this new annoying thing of “to be able to read this
article you must be a member!” Total bull, WHY do they
really need a lot of personal info on me in order for me
to be allowed to read their stuff then??
Bonafied n00bsters, WHY even have an online version
of their pathetic gutterpress eve paper if one cant
actually read anything more than a headline?
They really think a lot of people will willingly
hand out a LOT of personal info just to read
their stuff??? Screw aftonbladet, or aftonhoran
as many calls them (hora = hooker or prostitute)


Heard about the latest trend, a lot of people
are changing their “son” names (Johansson, Nilsson,
Karlsson etc) into something else, apparently theyre
ashamed of having a “son” name, maybe they think they
will be a better person without their given name
thats been inherited down by generations?
I would never do that, its like a slap in the face
to my hardworking forefathers (and since im working
class they did indeed work hard, trust me,
the 19th century, and prior, never was a picknick for working
class) and i have a sense of pride about that,
that apparently some doesnt have, im forever and
ever a Johansson 🙂

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