selbstpimpage and USB hd-s

hehe my latest Doom 3 mod is
Featured Mod” on the Doom3 filefront site :p


Ive borrowed one of Thomas’ hd-s,
filled with new electronic music (i cant say i keep
tabs on that scene anymore, too much coming out
these days), currently im playing “Transhuman” by
some Chicago-based (of all places lol) band called
Cyanotic, apparently this album is “guested” by
someone from Front Line Assembly, it sorta
shows (or “hears”?) in the music,
fairly nice  :O
But i must say, altho this is heretic, most of this
new electronic stuff sounds kinda a lot like something
that should be outlawed ie Eurotechno (now i have to
wash my hands by merely typing that) hmmmmm

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