just a small caution of youtube

if youre still one of those IE-using
kinda n00bies, you should be aware of the fact that
Youtube has 4 (thats right, FOUR) of those
privacy-collecting, adgiving and tracing
ads.doubleclick.net (THE worst, most aggro kind)
scripts (plus a whole number of similar cookies),
but there is a solution, number 1 is, and forever
will be, do not use IE!  Thats the most targeted
webbrowser in history, its also the most easy to
hack into by someone with hardly any skills whatsoever,
whenever theres a new virus out IE users
ALWAYS gets hit the hardest, simply cuss IE
is the most badly written browser there is,
it uses ActiveX scripting (which coincidentally
98.4 pcg of all viruses since 2001 is based on),
and since it is so commonly used (sadly),
its usually targeted for attacks,
so for the love of god use something else!!
Its not 1995 anymore, there IS a couple of easy
solutions which are so much better and superior
to IE, and one doesnt have to go to Linux
(altho im heading there soon, WHO wants to
be a bitchslave to micro$oft and their
crappy, substandard and nicked from others
and then presented as “Our new products!”
shite??!) thes edays,
theres two really good superior alternatives
to IE in form of
Mozilla Firefox

They both are WAY better, WAY more secure
and WAY more customable than IE
(exactly WHAT can a user without any real
computer skills do to change IE then?? Nada,
youre totally in the hands of a micro$oft programmer
((and THATS a truly scary thought!!)),
all you can do is set how many days cookies
should be in the temp folder, thats about it),
with Firefox for instance theres literary
thousands and thousands of things you can
change, switch out, mess with and alter
as you see fit, and it doesnt use the
flawed, old and useless ActiveX scripting,
which is so popular amongst hackers and
virusmakers, that alone should be reason
enough to *ditch IE for good!*
Theres a lot of great Plugins for Firefox,
a Plgin is a small small program that you
can use, it quickly and effordlessly incorporates
itself within FF (Firefox, FF from now on),
some i use are –
* Adblock *  —  easily block everything
on the web you dont wanna see, like those
annoying .gif’s, once such crap is blocked
the site will, obviously, load way way faster
* Web Developer *  — an immensly
great, comprehensive plugin which enables
me to  disable everything from
java scripts, meta redirects, referrers,
i can clear all cookies or just the sessions
cookies, i can view cookies, i can mess with
the CSS, i can disable and hide any images,
i can with one click clear out ALL private data,
it really isnt much that concerns the web
that i cant mess with with this indispensable
plugin  🙂
* Flashblock *  –  i simply copy n paste here –

“Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox,
and Netscape
browsers that takes a pessimistic approach
to dealing with Macromedia
Flash content on a webpage
and blocks ALL Flash content from loading.

It then leaves placeholders on the webpage that allow you to click
download and then view the Flash content.

Flashblock currently blocks the following content types:
* Macromedia Flash
* Macromedia Shockwave
* Macromedia Authorware”

In other words – never ever again feel violated by those
retarded Macromedia flash anims on any site, ever again!
If you have this plugin installed, and then go to
Youtube, youll truly notice the difference,
ANY site with macromedia flash will load a whole lot
faster since your webbrowser doesnt have to sit and wait
for the macromedia flash objects to load, even on
cable and other highspeed lines it takes simply forever
for macromedia flash stuff to load, and just HOW often is
that loading content something you actually
wanna SEE then?? Virtually never since its usually ADS ..

* TrackMeNot *  — this plugin makes it almost impossible
for sites to track your data and make a profile of you
by issuing randomized quieries to various search engines,
its hard to explain exactly how it works, but it DOES work =)

* Temporary Inbox *  —  yet again i copy n paste –

extension generates random disposable email addresses.
You can use
these email addresses for registration in
forums, adult sites or
The email addresses don’t require registration.
This is an easy way to
avoid spam, because the spammer will never
get your private email
address .. only the temporaryinbox.com email address.
And there the
emails will be deleted after 6 hours.”
Pretty selfexpanatory i think  ^^

And lastly, but totally NOT leastly, THE main reason
one can *dump the IE crapage into the dustbin forever!* –
* Windizupdate *  —
With this plugin you can update your Windoze
w i t h o u t running IE … !!  😀
Since I installed this last summer, not even ONCE have i
used IE, not once, it always annoyed me immensly that
i MUST use micro$softs shite to update XP,
i always cleared my temp folder immediately afterwards
and deleted everything, but now thats a distant memory
in a land totally * free of IE * as my computer now is,
and soon, when XP isnt updated anymore (but most probably
before that happens) im using something else than micro$soft,
i mean do i really wanna take my cash and put it into
the already thick pockets of the worlds most
notorious and wellknown thief? Had his products at least been
average quality, then i guess i could use that in the long
run, but Vista? Well, next time Mr Satan goes
skating to work, then i might consider it

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2 Comments on “just a small caution of youtube”

  1. vincenzo123 says:

    I’m developing a plugin similar to TrackMeNot with small improvements. If you like TrackMeNot, I think you’ll like it. It’s called SquiggleSR and it didn’t receive much attention so far. You can try it there: http://squigglesr.free.fr

  2. rotti001 says:

    Ill deff check it out! Good FF plugins, like the ones i mentioned above, are all a necessity! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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