im playing a brand new
mod for Doom 3 called
“Raccoon City Chronicles”
which is immensly good,
if you have Doom 3 installed
i strongly suggest you try
this mod out!
And if you think “hmmmm
Raccoon? That sounds vaugely
familiar ffs” I can tell you
its from the “Resident Evil”
universe, so it sorta means that
FINALLY, I can play Resident Evil
in FIRST person, I used to play
RE on PSX but i was p33d off by that
absolutely RETARDED and immensly
DUMBASSED “camera angle” that they
had, all TRUE shooters ALL have a
FIRST PERSON VIEW, its that simple!
Both RE and Silent Hill games was
destroyed, ruined and unplayable
because of their stupid “camera angle”
or “cinematic angle” as they themselves
calls it (lol ya, cinematic THIS you morons! ^^)
**Note – the Silent Hill game i tried was the
PSX version, i never tried the four (?)
PC versions (but i do know for a fact
that theyre also in this flawed, retarded and
crappy “cine angle”)
Dictum factum


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