the most unnecessary MOZILLA plugin

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fuNny (1f 0n35 4 64m3r 5u(h 45 m3)
“7h3 L337|{3y” ^^
1f y0u (4n7 r34d 7h15 – 700 84d :$

|\/|0z1||4 pwn3z!

Zbmvyyn cjarm!


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— — –.. .. .-.. .-.. .-   .–. .– -. . –.. !

mr;cnna l,b.;!


*Und so weiter*


Henry VIII and the six knives plus Up the Owls!

oops it should read “six Wives” and
not “knives”  ^^
Im watching “The Tudors” season 1
which is about Henry VIII, Thomas More
(personal hero of mine), Queen Catherine
Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey
(played by Sam Neill,
proving that hes such a great actor that
hes regarded, all great actors never has to
make those great gestures and overplaying
the role) and the rest of the English court
in the 1520-30s, immensly interesting,
i just watched 5 episodes in a row ffs ! :p
I hope this “trend” of making
shows about significant historical events
(Rome and now The Tudors) will last
forever, cuss i never get tired of these
GREAT shows!  =)
Now i just hope there will be a series
about one of the most intriguing and interesting
English kings ever Richard III
(its more than “just” a cool song by
The Human League (its from their early
days before they started to SUCK)


np – Cabaret Voltaire
“The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm
of the Lord”
, electro funk agression
as its top notch BEST, Bill Leeb
(does he know theres a general in
Wehrmacht called Leeb
too??) of
Front Line Assembly owes a LOT
to these guys from Sheffield
Sheffield Wednesday rules!

totally AVOID DVD-s from Universal

I bought “The meaning of life”
today, the dbldvd edition,
if i even have to tell you
that its a Monty Python film,
and you didnt know that,
you should be spanked hard on
the bottom by me with my
jugoslavian army belt of leather ffs!! ^^
Anyhow, i digress (digres? diagres?? whatever)
i couldnt see that dvd, and why pretell hmm??
As i put it into the dvd drive,
up came some immensly retarded
“install this softare now!” sign,
obviously i didnt, WHY would i even
consider installing yet another media player
when i already have Media Player CLASSIC
and VLC Player?? And WHY on earth
would i even consider agreeing to
Universals FORCED player??
its MY dvd which I bought for
MY money, theres NO way in hell i will
allow Universal to dictate to me exactly
WHICH programs that gets installed
on MY computer dammit!
So im boycotting Universal now,
never again will i buy a dvd from them,
but im not gonna go back for a refund,
im gonna rip those 2 dvd-s with DVD-Shrink,
which noone in the world can stop me
to do, cuss anything digital media that
I buy, i can make a copy for backup,
which im doing, THEN i can watch MY purchased
dvd that I bought with MY money
with ANY player that I choose,
thats how God intended it to be,
despite bill gate$ and universal
attempts to monopolize it,
screw them and their lame secondrate

SOME of you will deff appreciate this ^^

well i cant hang around here,
gotta go test my new particle
i made for Doom 3, a new
particle for the Plasmagun,
a little shorter and little more green
than the default one  :p

np + nd

Preachers of Neverland – Incision CDM,
sounds a lot like Johan Malmströms old band,
but perhaps since most people most likely
dont know who that is, id say that Preachers
sounds like a mix of The Sisters of Mercy and
Fields of the Nephilim crossed with a little
old Cure, its a very nice sound, coincidentally
i saw an auction on ebay with that very same
CDm and it was a fairly expensive auction ^^

Drinkin some Stroh 60 pcg alcoholic strength
(ordinary n0ob vodka is a mere 40 pcg)  :p


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“Sarah Connor?”

Ive been checking out the
“Terminator – The Sarah Connor
Chronicles”, and its not THAT bad that
one would, or could, expect,
but even if it had sucked, Id watch
it anyway, cuss i love the entire
“Terminator universe”, I mean its
cybernetic warriors going back and
forth in time to kill/protect
everyone called Connor  🙂
HOW could one NOT
love that concept??!?

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well, i just saw the new Rambo flick
and i had, obviously, zero expectations on it
seeing how Rambo 2 and 3 sucked immensly,
but i must admit it wasnt that lousy, actually
it was kinda ok, easily the best Rambo since
First Blood (YES the very first
Rambo film IS good, ok its not
“Platoon-good” or “Clockwork orange-good”
but for its genre, its real good.
And since im a ummm “sound-buff”
(im always looking for new sounds to
take and use in my various game mods)
i was surprised to hear an AK47 sound that
was realistic, best Avtomat Kalashnikov firing-sound
in ages  ^^
A little warning tho, this film has some very
ummmm realistic gibscenes ie legs and arms
(and other body parts) being teared off
by Rambo firing a .50 beltfed heavy
machinegun (incidentally its prob the
same that the Coastal Rangers have
on their boat, the “Strids-båt 90” assault
deployment of Rangers, three of those
motherf*cking Browning machineguns
in cal .50 (or 12.7 mm) to “soften up”
anyone whos foolish enough to still be where
the Rangers will deploy  ^^ They also have
a standard 7.62mm (or .30) KSP58
machinegun for any other, additional
purposes that may arise,
altho its gonna be, if not already,
replaced with the new KSP90

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