“osar oknullad pingstkyrka”

ummmm .. hmm
well, im currently reading and laughing a LOT
at Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson’s
(rather famous guys in Sweden for their
television programs, they did, amongst other things,
“Nazi-referens med Robinson-Emma” which was
simply hilarious, to imagine a chick can be THAT
unaware of nazireferences, she didnt even know
it was a hoax when one of them mentioned
a DJ called – DJ Goebbels! AND she posed with a tee
that said “Class of 45 – Treblinka”, that pretty much
sums up both the geniouses of the guys and the
non-geniousness of Emma, total bimbo and an
IQ of around 15, perhaps as high as 20 on a
good day)
book called “100 Höjdare, Sveriges roligaste
ögonblick genom tiderna”
, means something
like The funniest 100 moments in Swedish history,
at nr 66 they bring up Ace of Base,
and they refer to them as follows –
“Låtskrivaren är överviktig, ser originell ut,
de två systrarna osar oknullad pingstkyrka
och den fjärde medlemmen brottas med ett
trassligt förflutet i Sveriges nynazistiska rörelser.”

Translated it would go something like
“the songwriter is overweight, looks original,
the two sisters oozes nonfucked free-church
and the fourth member struggles with a
messed past in neonazi movements”

(how the hell does one translates “pingst-kyrka”?
Its a religious movement but its not funded by government,
in other words its not like the CoE nor close to
morons like the Heavens Gate suicide sect),
theyre simply religious, kinda like the normal church
but they have their own church they go to)
and thats the best description of Ace of Base
(or Waste of Space as someone called them)
I ever heard  😉


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