np and man united LOSES and worldrecord

im not a Doors fan as such, they did have
one or two interesting ideas, but thats all,
i dont like that 70s psychedelic sound. At all.
But i must confess that Creed does a
really cool version of “Riders on the storm”
from their “Rarities” album.

Something unique (as well as immensly NICE)
has happened in Manchester, the City team
has won 2 consec matches against their archrival
United, halleluja to that!  😀 Hasnt happened since
1970, so i guess “Svennis” is doing something right ^^

LG Games in hockey is over, we lost 3 of 4 games,
so i guess BÅG has a lot to ponder over hmm..
(that link goes Wikegårds site, well worth a visit
cuss Wikegård kicks butt ^^)

Susanna Kallur beat the worldrecord in
60 meter häck (hmm whats the eng for that??
im too lazy to google, but i THINK it MIGHT be
60 meter hurdle) in umm what was it, 7.78
or 7.68? ANyhow its 1 hundred faster than
Ludmilla Engquist, the russian CHEATER and lowlife gyppo,
who run that fast (no doubt dopedup as hell) in 1990

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