well, i just saw the new Rambo flick
and i had, obviously, zero expectations on it
seeing how Rambo 2 and 3 sucked immensly,
but i must admit it wasnt that lousy, actually
it was kinda ok, easily the best Rambo since
First Blood (YES the very first
Rambo film IS good, ok its not
“Platoon-good” or “Clockwork orange-good”
but for its genre, its real good.
And since im a ummm “sound-buff”
(im always looking for new sounds to
take and use in my various game mods)
i was surprised to hear an AK47 sound that
was realistic, best Avtomat Kalashnikov firing-sound
in ages  ^^
A little warning tho, this film has some very
ummmm realistic gibscenes ie legs and arms
(and other body parts) being teared off
by Rambo firing a .50 beltfed heavy
machinegun (incidentally its prob the
same that the Coastal Rangers have
on their boat, the “Strids-båt 90” assault
deployment of Rangers, three of those
motherf*cking Browning machineguns
in cal .50 (or 12.7 mm) to “soften up”
anyone whos foolish enough to still be where
the Rangers will deploy  ^^ They also have
a standard 7.62mm (or .30) KSP58
machinegun for any other, additional
purposes that may arise,
altho its gonna be, if not already,
replaced with the new KSP90

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One Comment on “Rambo”

  1. klaslundin says:

    Hah, skräp! Tacka vet jag Borta med grinden elr Tarzans återkomst

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