totally AVOID DVD-s from Universal

I bought “The meaning of life”
today, the dbldvd edition,
if i even have to tell you
that its a Monty Python film,
and you didnt know that,
you should be spanked hard on
the bottom by me with my
jugoslavian army belt of leather ffs!! ^^
Anyhow, i digress (digres? diagres?? whatever)
i couldnt see that dvd, and why pretell hmm??
As i put it into the dvd drive,
up came some immensly retarded
“install this softare now!” sign,
obviously i didnt, WHY would i even
consider installing yet another media player
when i already have Media Player CLASSIC
and VLC Player?? And WHY on earth
would i even consider agreeing to
Universals FORCED player??
its MY dvd which I bought for
MY money, theres NO way in hell i will
allow Universal to dictate to me exactly
WHICH programs that gets installed
on MY computer dammit!
So im boycotting Universal now,
never again will i buy a dvd from them,
but im not gonna go back for a refund,
im gonna rip those 2 dvd-s with DVD-Shrink,
which noone in the world can stop me
to do, cuss anything digital media that
I buy, i can make a copy for backup,
which im doing, THEN i can watch MY purchased
dvd that I bought with MY money
with ANY player that I choose,
thats how God intended it to be,
despite bill gate$ and universal
attempts to monopolize it,
screw them and their lame secondrate


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