Henry VIII and the six knives plus Up the Owls!

oops it should read “six Wives” and
not “knives”  ^^
Im watching “The Tudors” season 1
which is about Henry VIII, Thomas More
(personal hero of mine), Queen Catherine
Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey
(played by Sam Neill,
proving that hes such a great actor that
hes regarded, all great actors never has to
make those great gestures and overplaying
the role) and the rest of the English court
in the 1520-30s, immensly interesting,
i just watched 5 episodes in a row ffs ! :p
I hope this “trend” of making
shows about significant historical events
(Rome and now The Tudors) will last
forever, cuss i never get tired of these
GREAT shows!  =)
Now i just hope there will be a series
about one of the most intriguing and interesting
English kings ever Richard III
(its more than “just” a cool song by
The Human League (its from their early
days before they started to SUCK)


np – Cabaret Voltaire
“The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm
of the Lord”
, electro funk agression
as its top notch BEST, Bill Leeb
(does he know theres a general in
Wehrmacht called Leeb
too??) of
Front Line Assembly owes a LOT
to these guys from Sheffield
Sheffield Wednesday rules!


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