oh i forgot in the previous excitement

my puter kinda sux, at least parts
of it, and yup, its the retarded RAM slots,
looks like i cant run any more than ONE
single ram stick in it, i have two slots
but the second one is deff broken somehow,
i bought another 1 gb ram the other week,
and then the puter cried and refused to
startup, so in other words i spent all in all
75 bucks on going from 1 gb of ram to
1 gb of ram, nice huh


was shopping today, and as i went in to
the supermarket i saw someone i always
wanted to punch in the face, but i managed to
refrain from doing so,
well theres always another time 🙂


lesbianism – yummy :p

The L Word – need i say more?
ok, to the absolute oblivious of you
in this world, its a series about
lesbian girls, ie girls that frenchkisses
girls and sleep with girls, girls that do
naughty stuff to other girls, and its fairly
graphical too, how can anyone NOT
love this show i ask you??
Ok i cant really say exactly what the
plot is in it, im sure there is one,
but who cares about that,
i mean its chicks kissing and smooching
other chicks! :p

lmao @ google and 7.5 billion lightyears

talk about a messedup company!
Noone over there knows jack shit
about computers, ive read somewhere
about how some people suspects
its actually micro$oft under an assumed name,
i think they might be on to something,
google bought up youtube and then the
problems started, its impossible to watch
a video for more than 3 consecutive seconds
before it halts, and its impossible to do
ANYTHING with ones profile or reply
to pm-s or anything without getting
a “authorization error 5xx, highly trained
monkeys are dispatched on it”
(theyre not wrong there tho, youtube
IS prob maintained by monkeys, but wether
or not theyre actually TRAINED as such,
thats a completely different question all in all)
and their retarded googleblogger, well dont get
me started on that mess, for instance
the other day i was reading on some
blog about mappacks and mods for the
original Halflife 1 (actually its NOT called
“Halflife 1”, only “Halflife”, but i put a “1”
to distinguish it from the overrated and worthless
Halflife 2) and i felt compelled to write a reply,
so i log in to my old google account
but today, when i was gonna leave a reply
to the reply that i got on my original reply,
well WHAT happens then?? Yup, those aformentioned
trained (or not trained) monkeys are on a mission
to fix the prob …..
Lame google, lame.

Nasa reports they have spotted some form
of massive outburst of something
7.5 billion lightyears away that can be seen by
the naked eye, well get your mind around the fact
its seven and a half BILLION lightyears away,
and then try to get the mind on how BIG
that massive outbrust is, i mean 7.5
f@cking B I L L I O N lightyears,
one lightsecond would be from earth to moon,
Although using “is” is wrong since
that massive outburst was 7.5 billion years ago,
so whatever it was its long gone, dispersed
thru the enormously long timeframe of
7.5 billion years, it means it was eminated
and its culmination took place long before
our planet even existed, by a couple of
billion years, take or give. Boggles the head
doesnt it?
Also boggles or at least irritates me that
im stuck on this insignificant planet
when theres a whole universe out there.
“If theres a centre anywhere we are on the
planet most far away from it” as Luke
Skywalker stated in Star Wars (maybe not the
exact words he used, but something along
those lines), feels like were stuck on Tatooine.
Maybe not the same amount of sand,
or sandpeople and jawas, but still ..

stauffenberg-axe-hockey-audio-fw issues-ctf viruses-star wars

was shopping for provisions today,
and they had a very big sales on dvd-s,
so i checked it out, and at the bottom
(kinda) they had ONE ex left of a film ive heard
about and always wanted to see ie
He was the head of the plot to
either kill or remove Hitler
which culminated in the assassination
attempt on the 20th of July 1944,
its an incredible film, immensly well made
with some really good german actors,
and its real nice to see a war movie
(altough per se its not a war movie, theres
no battles etc) which isnt so immensly anally
retarded as all hollywood war films is
(cough priv ryan cough) ie – all germans=
evil bastards who cant shoot str8,
and gi joes – slick kinda dirty dressed
but with THE biggest heart (and an immensly
ability to never ever miss any targets,
well no wonder since they all have what id call
“hollywood clipsizes”, they pull the trigger
of their Tommygun and then shoot
for 2 minutes straight, which, in reallife,
would be the equivalent of around
1200 rounds fired . I wouldnt wanna put my
hand on that barrel, thats for damn sure ^^

I found out today that Axe, makers of my
fav showergel tests their stuff on animals,
so im gonna have to find another
fav showergel….

Its currently 5-4 between Frölunda and
totally retarded gay crappy homo team of Färjestad
in the third period, if Frölunda loses this game its
byebye playoff ……. aarghgh

Im trying out some various virus scanners
and stuff, guess im not as good on puters
as i thought, somehow i managed to remove the
Realtek ac97 sounddriver while removing some
stuff that The Cleaner found,
and no i dont blame Moosoft,
it was my fault for not controlling the results
properly. C*est la vie : O

Its amazing that there isnt ONE single freeware
firewall available that doesnt screw your system up,
the closest of being the absolute best was
Online Armor, until i discovered it has some bug in it
that messes with the K-lite codec pack, and thus
making it virtually impossible to watch certain
video files, but ive checked the forum and
it has been adressed by the developers, and
its going to be fixed in a new patch,
and when thats released, im reinstalling
Online Armor, apart from that video issue
it was easily the *best* one 🙂

Someone i know, who shall remain
nameless, called me today and
asked about his puter, he said he had
a trojan on it so i told him to check the
name of it, and when he was halfway thru
i couldnt help laughing,
Sure its a totally useless “tool”
that comes shipped with Windoze
and i always block it with Winpatrol
so it wont start with windoze 🙂
But a worm-trojan-virus per se, it is not.

Bought the game Star Wars Battlefront
the other day, i always wanted to whip the
butts of the hated Ewoks (dont be fooled by their
teddybear cuteness, all Ewoks are inheritedly
!) off the Endor moon,
and of course killing and choking the
rebel alliance as a Stormtrooper muhahaha :p
But alas, its a game based on the hated
and totally retarded Unreal Engine
Unreal engine reeks

Looks like the Unreal engine 4 will
be *exclusive* for consoles

yeah lets REALLY REALLY hope there
wont be ANY PC games in the future
based on the Unreal engines !! 😀

In the meanwhile, every game that bears
the insignia of “Epic games” in the title,
will be 110 percent avoided


No, i aint referring to anyone actually
wanting to bone posh beckham
(altho THAT should be outlawed by the EEC)
but im talking about the *best*
Eurythmics song, esp the extended 12inch remix
(hehe i get a chill in certain parts thinking
about all those great “extended remix”
12inchers from the 80s ! ;D)
“Sexcrime (1984), soundtrack from the
adaptation of George Orwell’s book from 1948
(he simply messed with “1948” to get “1984”)
which isnt too good a film imo,
altho i have yet to see a bad performance
by John Hurt, better read the book, its a
classic book which belongs to anyone even slightly
interested in great books bookshelf 😀
It should be wedged in between the works of
Franz kafka and Jean Paul Sartre,
with those three authors in the collection,
noone can argue sodall against you!
Bonus books would be a couple of Oscar Wilde’s works,
but now i must mention i changed mp3 from Eurythmics
(the top 3 song of them is “Sexcrime”, “Here comes
the rain” and “Whos that girl”) to “She blinded me
with science” by Thomas Dolby (yes he was sued for his
taken last name but he won that courtcase ^^)
a total classic ! 🙂
Other tracks in my winamp (noone TRULY intelligent
uses windoze media player for music, well nor for
anything else come to think of it) includes, in no order
since i use “random” –
*Shamen – Move any mountain (fave by them, wonder if
its true that they quit cuss the singer drowned while
shooting a video?)
*Talk Talk – Such a shame
*808 State – Cubik (easily best ever techno tune,
on a sidenote i can mention ive done some pretty
ummm indecent acts to this song ^^)
*Laibach – God is god
*Garden of Delight – Levitation
*Housemartins – Happy hour
*Iggy Pop – Lust for life
*Johnny Cash – Hurt
*Linkin Park – Dont stay (my own mix), its amazing that the
worlds most overrated band any category has done this
song, its so beyond everything else they ever released
btw expect a youtube vid here shortly with a homemade
vid to my mix, most probably it will be with some
DooM3 ^^
*Orgy – Opticon (MrD DooM3 remix)
*Orgy – Opticon (MrD “Im a fuelinjected suicidemachine” remix)
*Propaganda – Das testament des Dr Mabuse (13th mix)
Speaking of Eurythmics earlier, Annie Lennox is on my
Top 5 chick singers list, the other four would be –
Alison Moyet (Yazoo), Claudia Brucken (Propaganda),
Toni Halliday (Curve) and Belinda Carlisle (i must admit that
the 2 last entries made it cus i wanna ummmm have some
fun with them ^^ Altho i wouldnt mind to have some
fun with Miss Brucken as well hehehe )

o well i cant hang around here, time for the
night shot

something i so DETEST is

these new, totally UNWANTED and very much
NONNEEDED files that forces us to download
specific tools to work with ONE fileformat,
for instance this new immensly flawed
music extension of “.ape”, to play any song
that has the .ape extension, one MUST download
the “monkey audio” tool, which is a totally
flawed and most idiotic thing, ONE tool for
ONE file?? L M A O dont think so buster!
But sadly this is getting to be a common thing,
other unwanted, flawed and unneeded file extensions
includes ratdvd, rmvb, FLAC, et cetera in absurdum,
noone wants them except for developer,
no doubt an acneridden spotty dweeb with
no friends and no girlfriends, the reason why theyre
so flawed is, for instance, the aforementioned
.ape, there already IS a lossless codec
that is also standard, its called .wav, every player
and every tool that works with music in any way
and form can handle .wav, and using .ape
serves no purpose whatsoever, the end result
is usually a file around 30-40 mb, which also happens
to be the result too with a .wav, so there really is
NO logical thinking about using .ape,
i for one wont dl nor install a tool for just ONE file extension.
Most original and imaginative, and quite novel.

NP – Nine Inch Nails – “Degradation v2”

The Human League

whatever one can say about them

THATs one helluva cool name! :p

NP their 1995 album “Octopus” and I cant

help but to think that if this album had

succeeded their 1981 megahit album of “Dare!”

they would have been massive, everything

they did after that album kinda sucked, “Mirror man EP”

and “Hysteria” are fairly worthless, not to mention their

1986 album “Crash” which is one of the most sucky

albums i ever heard, no wonder they bombed with

such a cowpat of an album, i mean compare  that

album to what Depeche made at same time

with “Black Celebration” and youll realise just

WHY DM are the kings of the scene whereas

The League doenst even have a record deal today

(they had to sell half of their equipment

and the studio to record and release their

2001 album “Secrets”, and yes, that album

sucks monkeyballs) but theres rumours

they are making a new album, cant say i have any

expectations on it whatsoever.

If you wanna explore the back catalogue of

The League, heres the albums you wanna check out  –

*1979 – “Reproduction”, fairly avantgardic debut

album with a couple of really good songs in

“Empire state human”, “Blind youth”, “Circus of death”,

“Being boiled” (7inch mix),

the cd has a lot of bonus tracks, b-sides et cetera,

all in all 17 tracks

*1980 – “Travelogue”, prob their best,

opens with one of the coolest electronic

songs ever in form of “The black hit of space” ,

“Only after dark” (its not that good really but i wanted

an opportunity to mention that i once made a cover

of that one ^^), “Crow and a baby”, “Being boiled”

(the album version, which differs a lot from the

7inch single, which btw i own :O),

just like “Reproduction” the cd is filled with

extra tracks, making it 17 all in all, and seeing as how

these 2 cd-s are sold everywhere as “budget”

or “midprice” its a crime NOT owning these

if you call yourself a TRUE The League fan!

*1981 “Dare!”

Well, what can be said about this one then?

Some argues its the best popalbum ever,

i wouldnt go that far but it surely has a couple of

immensly good tracks, “Dont you want me”

(can you spell UBER MEGA HIT),

“The things that dreams are made of”,

“The sound of the crowd” and my personal fav

in form of “Seconds”, this album later spawned of

a Remix album called “Love and dancing”,

issued under the name of

“League Unlimited Orchestra” ,

with remixed instrumental versions of “Dare!”,

it also sold millions of copies and its of interest

to notice that this album was one of the first

of its kind, releasing a whole album of remixes

from a smash hit album was almost unheard

of at its time.

The 1981 version of The Human League was a

completely diff version of the band than

pre 1981, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh

left The League to form Heaven 17

(that name comes from A Clockwork Orange btw)

with singer Glenn Gregory and by doing so

they effectively “killed off” the band,

but remaining singer Phil Oakey and

“visual artist” Philip Adrian Wright

recruited Jo Callis and Ian Burden

on synths and also 2 background female

singers Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann

Sulley (plz dont ask me to identify whos who

of the chicks, i could never suss that out ^^)

and the rest is, as they say, history.

They all left sooner or later but the

band has always been from this point

on Phil Oakey and the 2 ladies,

they recruited various people for the albums,

with a fairly catastrophic result except for