so what would be a good headline here then?

been back n forth 2 days in
a row to the hospital, and i have
to go yet another one more time
cuss i misread the nurses instructions,
o well its nice getting some exersise  ^^
Im amazed on how professional
and genuinly friendly they all are on the
endokrin/diabetes ward, all of them 🙂


Apparently posh spice has been awarded
some prize for being the hottest
of something, well, i can only see her
getting one award, and that one i call
“the most known chick that looks
exactly like a really skinny dude in drag”
award, is there even any actual proof
that she IS a she?? Hmmm im skeptic
to becks sexual preferences


Im amazed on the level of retardation
of spammers and how deep that level
goes, ive mentioned earlier on how
i get mails with MY mailaddy,
whats the intention on that by
the spammer??  IF i was a spammer
and i had a addy i wanted to spam,
lets say the addy was something like
WHY would i spam it with a faked
sender of “”????
Think about it.
And then think about how
retarded and halfwitted spammers actually are.
Apparently 118 billion spams is sent out
every day, thats a staggering amount
of traffic being generated for absolutely
Think about it.
And when youre done thinking,
make 110 pcg sure you dont have a trojan
in YOUR computer, if you do your computer
might be whats known as a “zombie computer”,
used by a hacker to send out spam.

Useful resources




Im thinking of doing a Counterstrike
soundpack for Doom 3, either
Counterstrike or Counterstrike:Source,
or maybe a Far Cry soundpack,
altho im not totally happy with the
Far Cry sounds  hmmmmmm
Developer country problems hmm?  ^^


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