The Human League

whatever one can say about them

THATs one helluva cool name! :p

NP their 1995 album “Octopus” and I cant

help but to think that if this album had

succeeded their 1981 megahit album of “Dare!”

they would have been massive, everything

they did after that album kinda sucked, “Mirror man EP”

and “Hysteria” are fairly worthless, not to mention their

1986 album “Crash” which is one of the most sucky

albums i ever heard, no wonder they bombed with

such a cowpat of an album, i mean compare  that

album to what Depeche made at same time

with “Black Celebration” and youll realise just

WHY DM are the kings of the scene whereas

The League doenst even have a record deal today

(they had to sell half of their equipment

and the studio to record and release their

2001 album “Secrets”, and yes, that album

sucks monkeyballs) but theres rumours

they are making a new album, cant say i have any

expectations on it whatsoever.

If you wanna explore the back catalogue of

The League, heres the albums you wanna check out  –

*1979 – “Reproduction”, fairly avantgardic debut

album with a couple of really good songs in

“Empire state human”, “Blind youth”, “Circus of death”,

“Being boiled” (7inch mix),

the cd has a lot of bonus tracks, b-sides et cetera,

all in all 17 tracks

*1980 – “Travelogue”, prob their best,

opens with one of the coolest electronic

songs ever in form of “The black hit of space” ,

“Only after dark” (its not that good really but i wanted

an opportunity to mention that i once made a cover

of that one ^^), “Crow and a baby”, “Being boiled”

(the album version, which differs a lot from the

7inch single, which btw i own :O),

just like “Reproduction” the cd is filled with

extra tracks, making it 17 all in all, and seeing as how

these 2 cd-s are sold everywhere as “budget”

or “midprice” its a crime NOT owning these

if you call yourself a TRUE The League fan!

*1981 “Dare!”

Well, what can be said about this one then?

Some argues its the best popalbum ever,

i wouldnt go that far but it surely has a couple of

immensly good tracks, “Dont you want me”

(can you spell UBER MEGA HIT),

“The things that dreams are made of”,

“The sound of the crowd” and my personal fav

in form of “Seconds”, this album later spawned of

a Remix album called “Love and dancing”,

issued under the name of

“League Unlimited Orchestra” ,

with remixed instrumental versions of “Dare!”,

it also sold millions of copies and its of interest

to notice that this album was one of the first

of its kind, releasing a whole album of remixes

from a smash hit album was almost unheard

of at its time.

The 1981 version of The Human League was a

completely diff version of the band than

pre 1981, Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh

left The League to form Heaven 17

(that name comes from A Clockwork Orange btw)

with singer Glenn Gregory and by doing so

they effectively “killed off” the band,

but remaining singer Phil Oakey and

“visual artist” Philip Adrian Wright

recruited Jo Callis and Ian Burden

on synths and also 2 background female

singers Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann

Sulley (plz dont ask me to identify whos who

of the chicks, i could never suss that out ^^)

and the rest is, as they say, history.

They all left sooner or later but the

band has always been from this point

on Phil Oakey and the 2 ladies,

they recruited various people for the albums,

with a fairly catastrophic result except for



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