something i so DETEST is

these new, totally UNWANTED and very much
NONNEEDED files that forces us to download
specific tools to work with ONE fileformat,
for instance this new immensly flawed
music extension of “.ape”, to play any song
that has the .ape extension, one MUST download
the “monkey audio” tool, which is a totally
flawed and most idiotic thing, ONE tool for
ONE file?? L M A O dont think so buster!
But sadly this is getting to be a common thing,
other unwanted, flawed and unneeded file extensions
includes ratdvd, rmvb, FLAC, et cetera in absurdum,
noone wants them except for developer,
no doubt an acneridden spotty dweeb with
no friends and no girlfriends, the reason why theyre
so flawed is, for instance, the aforementioned
.ape, there already IS a lossless codec
that is also standard, its called .wav, every player
and every tool that works with music in any way
and form can handle .wav, and using .ape
serves no purpose whatsoever, the end result
is usually a file around 30-40 mb, which also happens
to be the result too with a .wav, so there really is
NO logical thinking about using .ape,
i for one wont dl nor install a tool for just ONE file extension.
Most original and imaginative, and quite novel.

NP – Nine Inch Nails – “Degradation v2”


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