No, i aint referring to anyone actually
wanting to bone posh beckham
(altho THAT should be outlawed by the EEC)
but im talking about the *best*
Eurythmics song, esp the extended 12inch remix
(hehe i get a chill in certain parts thinking
about all those great “extended remix”
12inchers from the 80s ! ;D)
“Sexcrime (1984), soundtrack from the
adaptation of George Orwell’s book from 1948
(he simply messed with “1948” to get “1984”)
which isnt too good a film imo,
altho i have yet to see a bad performance
by John Hurt, better read the book, its a
classic book which belongs to anyone even slightly
interested in great books bookshelf 😀
It should be wedged in between the works of
Franz kafka and Jean Paul Sartre,
with those three authors in the collection,
noone can argue sodall against you!
Bonus books would be a couple of Oscar Wilde’s works,
but now i must mention i changed mp3 from Eurythmics
(the top 3 song of them is “Sexcrime”, “Here comes
the rain” and “Whos that girl”) to “She blinded me
with science” by Thomas Dolby (yes he was sued for his
taken last name but he won that courtcase ^^)
a total classic ! 🙂
Other tracks in my winamp (noone TRULY intelligent
uses windoze media player for music, well nor for
anything else come to think of it) includes, in no order
since i use “random” –
*Shamen – Move any mountain (fave by them, wonder if
its true that they quit cuss the singer drowned while
shooting a video?)
*Talk Talk – Such a shame
*808 State – Cubik (easily best ever techno tune,
on a sidenote i can mention ive done some pretty
ummm indecent acts to this song ^^)
*Laibach – God is god
*Garden of Delight – Levitation
*Housemartins – Happy hour
*Iggy Pop – Lust for life
*Johnny Cash – Hurt
*Linkin Park – Dont stay (my own mix), its amazing that the
worlds most overrated band any category has done this
song, its so beyond everything else they ever released
btw expect a youtube vid here shortly with a homemade
vid to my mix, most probably it will be with some
DooM3 ^^
*Orgy – Opticon (MrD DooM3 remix)
*Orgy – Opticon (MrD “Im a fuelinjected suicidemachine” remix)
*Propaganda – Das testament des Dr Mabuse (13th mix)
Speaking of Eurythmics earlier, Annie Lennox is on my
Top 5 chick singers list, the other four would be –
Alison Moyet (Yazoo), Claudia Brucken (Propaganda),
Toni Halliday (Curve) and Belinda Carlisle (i must admit that
the 2 last entries made it cus i wanna ummmm have some
fun with them ^^ Altho i wouldnt mind to have some
fun with Miss Brucken as well hehehe )

o well i cant hang around here, time for the
night shot


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