stauffenberg-axe-hockey-audio-fw issues-ctf viruses-star wars

was shopping for provisions today,
and they had a very big sales on dvd-s,
so i checked it out, and at the bottom
(kinda) they had ONE ex left of a film ive heard
about and always wanted to see ie
He was the head of the plot to
either kill or remove Hitler
which culminated in the assassination
attempt on the 20th of July 1944,
its an incredible film, immensly well made
with some really good german actors,
and its real nice to see a war movie
(altough per se its not a war movie, theres
no battles etc) which isnt so immensly anally
retarded as all hollywood war films is
(cough priv ryan cough) ie – all germans=
evil bastards who cant shoot str8,
and gi joes – slick kinda dirty dressed
but with THE biggest heart (and an immensly
ability to never ever miss any targets,
well no wonder since they all have what id call
“hollywood clipsizes”, they pull the trigger
of their Tommygun and then shoot
for 2 minutes straight, which, in reallife,
would be the equivalent of around
1200 rounds fired . I wouldnt wanna put my
hand on that barrel, thats for damn sure ^^

I found out today that Axe, makers of my
fav showergel tests their stuff on animals,
so im gonna have to find another
fav showergel….

Its currently 5-4 between Frölunda and
totally retarded gay crappy homo team of Färjestad
in the third period, if Frölunda loses this game its
byebye playoff ……. aarghgh

Im trying out some various virus scanners
and stuff, guess im not as good on puters
as i thought, somehow i managed to remove the
Realtek ac97 sounddriver while removing some
stuff that The Cleaner found,
and no i dont blame Moosoft,
it was my fault for not controlling the results
properly. C*est la vie : O

Its amazing that there isnt ONE single freeware
firewall available that doesnt screw your system up,
the closest of being the absolute best was
Online Armor, until i discovered it has some bug in it
that messes with the K-lite codec pack, and thus
making it virtually impossible to watch certain
video files, but ive checked the forum and
it has been adressed by the developers, and
its going to be fixed in a new patch,
and when thats released, im reinstalling
Online Armor, apart from that video issue
it was easily the *best* one 🙂

Someone i know, who shall remain
nameless, called me today and
asked about his puter, he said he had
a trojan on it so i told him to check the
name of it, and when he was halfway thru
i couldnt help laughing,
Sure its a totally useless “tool”
that comes shipped with Windoze
and i always block it with Winpatrol
so it wont start with windoze 🙂
But a worm-trojan-virus per se, it is not.

Bought the game Star Wars Battlefront
the other day, i always wanted to whip the
butts of the hated Ewoks (dont be fooled by their
teddybear cuteness, all Ewoks are inheritedly
!) off the Endor moon,
and of course killing and choking the
rebel alliance as a Stormtrooper muhahaha :p
But alas, its a game based on the hated
and totally retarded Unreal Engine
Unreal engine reeks

Looks like the Unreal engine 4 will
be *exclusive* for consoles

yeah lets REALLY REALLY hope there
wont be ANY PC games in the future
based on the Unreal engines !! 😀

In the meanwhile, every game that bears
the insignia of “Epic games” in the title,
will be 110 percent avoided


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