lmao @ google and 7.5 billion lightyears

talk about a messedup company!
Noone over there knows jack shit
about computers, ive read somewhere
about how some people suspects
its actually micro$oft under an assumed name,
i think they might be on to something,
google bought up youtube and then the
problems started, its impossible to watch
a video for more than 3 consecutive seconds
before it halts, and its impossible to do
ANYTHING with ones profile or reply
to pm-s or anything without getting
a “authorization error 5xx, highly trained
monkeys are dispatched on it”
(theyre not wrong there tho, youtube
IS prob maintained by monkeys, but wether
or not theyre actually TRAINED as such,
thats a completely different question all in all)
and their retarded googleblogger, well dont get
me started on that mess, for instance
the other day i was reading on some
blog about mappacks and mods for the
original Halflife 1 (actually its NOT called
“Halflife 1”, only “Halflife”, but i put a “1”
to distinguish it from the overrated and worthless
Halflife 2) and i felt compelled to write a reply,
so i log in to my old google account
but today, when i was gonna leave a reply
to the reply that i got on my original reply,
well WHAT happens then?? Yup, those aformentioned
trained (or not trained) monkeys are on a mission
to fix the prob …..
Lame google, lame.

Nasa reports they have spotted some form
of massive outburst of something
7.5 billion lightyears away that can be seen by
the naked eye, well get your mind around the fact
its seven and a half BILLION lightyears away,
and then try to get the mind on how BIG
that massive outbrust is, i mean 7.5
f@cking B I L L I O N lightyears,
one lightsecond would be from earth to moon,
Although using “is” is wrong since
that massive outburst was 7.5 billion years ago,
so whatever it was its long gone, dispersed
thru the enormously long timeframe of
7.5 billion years, it means it was eminated
and its culmination took place long before
our planet even existed, by a couple of
billion years, take or give. Boggles the head
doesnt it?
Also boggles or at least irritates me that
im stuck on this insignificant planet
when theres a whole universe out there.
“If theres a centre anywhere we are on the
planet most far away from it” as Luke
Skywalker stated in Star Wars (maybe not the
exact words he used, but something along
those lines), feels like were stuck on Tatooine.
Maybe not the same amount of sand,
or sandpeople and jawas, but still ..


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