oh i forgot in the previous excitement

my puter kinda sux, at least parts
of it, and yup, its the retarded RAM slots,
looks like i cant run any more than ONE
single ram stick in it, i have two slots
but the second one is deff broken somehow,
i bought another 1 gb ram the other week,
and then the puter cried and refused to
startup, so in other words i spent all in all
75 bucks on going from 1 gb of ram to
1 gb of ram, nice huh


was shopping today, and as i went in to
the supermarket i saw someone i always
wanted to punch in the face, but i managed to
refrain from doing so,
well theres always another time 🙂


2 Comments on “oh i forgot in the previous excitement”

  1. klaslundin says:

    Datorer är ett elände, ibland…

    Tackar för ramet 🙂

  2. rotti001 says:

    Glöm dock ej att jag KANSKE, men förhoppningsvis ALDRIG kommer att behöva ramet igen, som sagt, datorer kan, o oftast är, särskilt när dom blir äldre än 4 ĂĄr, ett elände …

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