i could live a lil better with the myths and the lies…

np –

Joy Division

The Best Of (2008 2cd)


great fun n a L0T of nice memories :O

aaaah the DooM64 conversion for PC,

so much fun and a great conversion,

and since its based on something as

old as that (ummm were talking like 1996 i think)

it runs with everything on HIGH (kinda new parameters added)

even on like an old 166 mhz puter  : )

Theres NO excuse NOT to at least try this in other words  :p

and since DooM64 was my second fav game ever for Nintendo64

(GoldenEye was my alltime fav) this brings back a LOT

of cool memories, even if Kaiser (the noob with his retarded

Doom 3 ghey mods) tries his bes to ruin it with his

rather lame maps he inserted with the DooM64 maps,

thankfully thers only a very few of them in this nice mod :O

k last attmpt with this retarded scribefire crap

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Yvonne + DooM3

Yvonne – She (Misfits cover) to Doom3 footage

currently slurping, enjoying and licking profoundly

lakritspuck :p

new shoes

that cost like a thousand bucks,

but worth every soddin cent!

REAL shoes, ill never understand how

any grown mature man can walk around

in jeans or other pants wearing sneakers …

Can you spell retarded look?

Now this is real quality shoes,
“Underground“, UK, as ALL good quality
footwear comes from 🙂


np – Madness – “One step beyond”,

it has their best track ie “Bed and breakfast man” :p

macho culture ?

hmm i downloaded (too bad Heinrich Ponten,

selfproclaimed fuhrer of Anti-piratbyrån,

downloading from the net is N 0 T illegal)

some combo torrent with various rock songs,

ummm the definition of rock is

highly subjective (apparently),

it wasnt any rock as such,

mainly braindead headbanging

semiretarded headbanging music,

i mean Def leppard, THATS rock n roll??
Absolute  putred,

the only song i liked on this cowpat of

a compilation was Turn the page

by Metallica, im not a fan of theirs but

they do play in their own league

of this sorta music, and its also nice

that they have a singer that doesnt sound

like a pregnant chick giving birth

(can YOU spell ac-dc?)

Its interesting tho, given the macho

stuff of the headbanging scene,

that 99 percent of the singers sounds like

a chick in labour isnt it? Hmmm weird

I guess Type O Negative is an exception,

one cant argue that Peter “hey i posed for

playgirl with my big penis woohoo!” Steele

sounds like a chick  ^^


Bad news, Mor, my fav scotch,

isnt available in Scandinavia anylonger WTF!??!  😦

So i settled for a bottle of Talisman,

will let you know my verdict later :p

*********** *********************** *****************

np – Weezer – Blue album


Ive checked out Jason Statham’s

latest film, The Bank job,

i love those UK gangsterdramas ! :p

Jason Statham is everything vin disel isnt,

how the !#!p3″” did vin diesel get to do a film anyhow??!

M;agnus, with his impressive “Gustaf Adolf rondör”

is prob ten times the actor  ^_^


currently reading – Albert Speers autobiography