I uninstalled my copy of Star Wars : Battlefront ,
kinda redundant and pointless to play a game
that looks totally screwedup,
and i cant fix it, esp not since its not on MY
end where the flaw is, its inside the SDK
(Source code) of the Unreal engine,
a complete cowpat of an engine,
and some game developers are
suing Epic
(I REALLY hope Epic
gets bankrupt),
as the President of Silicon Knights stated,
“Epic simply refuses to acknowledge the inadequacies
of the Unreal Engine 3 code it provides to its licensees”
The lousy Unreal engine have spoiled a LOT
of games simply cuss of its crapness


So instead of playing a messedup game
im playing something VERY “trustworthy”,
ie Halflife
(no wonder its reliable as few seeing how
its based on the Quake Engine,
provided by computergurus and world leader
game developers iD Software, I wonder if theres
anything that John Carmack CANNOT program šŸ˜‰
Which reminds me of an aneqdote that
uberthief bill “la mer” gates once stated,
“im a much better programmer than
John Carmack!”, that statement always
makes me go ROFL ^^ Could anything possibly
BE more NOT correct??
Speaking of things that are both erronious
and incorrect, the dude himself has
stated that “Vista has been incredibly well

Oh yeah? By whom?? Noone i know thats unfortunate
enough to have it on their puter even likes it,
let alone appreciates anything about it,
its nothing more than a CPU-hungry whore
with inbuilt micro$oft surveillance trojans
micro$oft vista – bloatware
But i digress, as stated im playing
Halflife, or more correctly im playing
a mod to it called “Counter Life”,
its still in the Beta phase so it
occasionally crashes or wont work
properly, but its fun as hell!! ;D
Basically its a mix of Halflife and
Counterstrike, and if you havent heard of
Counterstrike (CS from now on) youre most
likely a victim of some religious cult
or lived in a cave, CS is a mod to Halflife
which centers about two opposite teams,
CT and T (CounterTerrorist and Terrorist resp)
which fight against one another on various
maps, and yadayada you know this and if you
dont too bad, look it up on the web
(if you use google dont forget to
CLEAN out the cookies and Temp files
when youre done),
anyhow what Counter Life has done its
simple – take the weaponry from CS and
put it into Halflife! And since the weaponry
of CS is amongst the best in the world
when it comes to ANY puter game,
its fun as hell! I can never go back to
the dull and boring stock weaponry of halflife now ffs :p


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