Vangelis and firewalls

currently playing “Portraits”,
a very nice collection of
Vangelis best Themes for various
films, hes superior to jarre
in every sense, kinda like how its
with Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget)
and the most overrated of all
overrated bands/musiscians
ever ie gary numan

I ffinally found a Firewall thats
acutally WORKING,
unlike zonealarm it doesnt
revert back to factory settings
with every reboot of windoze,
unlike comodo it doesnt take
342 057 pressings of a button to
allow/disallow a specific program
(not to mention the immense
hassles of uninstalling it!),
unlike windoze inbuilt firewall
it IS a firewall and unlike
every other firewall i know of
Online Armor has something
thats simply brilliant,
one can place any program in
“run safer” mode which is the
equivalent of running that
specific program without
administrative rights,
just like one can do with XP,
which obviously reduces
the program chances to do harm
on ones computer greatly,
i trust my Firefox but im running
the .exe with “run safer” mode ON,
that reduces a lot of the crap junk
scripts and malicious codes out there
to do squat on my computer 🙂
Im no idiot tho,
theres no such thing as 110 percent
safe and totally guarantee of
being untouchable, but if one can
lower the chances (or risks)
of being subjected to a
“hostile takeover”, the better


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