great fun n a L0T of nice memories :O

aaaah the DooM64 conversion for PC,

so much fun and a great conversion,

and since its based on something as

old as that (ummm were talking like 1996 i think)

it runs with everything on HIGH (kinda new parameters added)

even on like an old 166 mhz puter  : )

Theres NO excuse NOT to at least try this in other words  :p

and since DooM64 was my second fav game ever for Nintendo64

(GoldenEye was my alltime fav) this brings back a LOT

of cool memories, even if Kaiser (the noob with his retarded

Doom 3 ghey mods) tries his bes to ruin it with his

rather lame maps he inserted with the DooM64 maps,

thankfully thers only a very few of them in this nice mod :O


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