wow theres a lot of really sick people

out there atm, the austrian Fritzl and his

incestuous adventures, the most talked-about

Swede atm ie Anders Eklund,

that german chick who killed two kids in

Arboga et cetera


“Svennis” has been fired from Man City

and my first reaction was simply W T F?!?!?!

Is Thaksin a complete retard???


NHL playoffs, geez i wanna see the

Red wings vs Avalanche dammit!

Altho im fairly sure “Lidas” will be

victorious in the end over “Foppa”,

and Dallas is, very nicely indeed,

totally bulldozing over Sharks !  🙂

Pittsburgh Penguins, me old fav team

ever since Ulf “Robocop” Samuelsson

(worlds coolest player ever) was traded there

in 90-91 alongside Ron Francis (underrated

center imo) in a trade with Hartford,

will win the Cup, you can take that to

the bank!  😛


The Cure – “Pornography” (deluxe remastered 2005 ed)


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