lolz @ warner socalled bros

how n0Ob can one get one wonders,

well prob not as much as warner socalled bros

are, geez they FORCE us to install their

redundant “pcfriendly dvd” shit

(if one doesnt, its imposs to watch the film)

so i installed it, keeping close tabs on the

progs and reg entries it made (and those were

many) and guess what? One still couldnt

watch the film LMAO, so then i had no choice

but to use my godgiven legislative right

of making “one backup of everything digital

one purchases” with the excellent “DVD-Shrink”,

but it SUCKS @nus that warner socalled bros

cant release a dvd like everybody else ie

like it should be, a simple dvd film hat one

simply puts in the dvd and then press “play”

like god intended it to be, but oooooh noooo,

“some” people always always has to be smartasses

dont they? warner soandso bros are some of

these people, now they force me to make

dvdcopies of my bought Matrix box simply cuss

they make it imposs to play their own dvd-s…..!

Isnt that the equivalent of a carpenter

putting a nail in his own foot?

Or a painter that ends up in a corner

cuss he painted himself in there?

warner socalled bros =  nubbage, no its beyond nubbage

and nO0bery, its ubernubbery at its “finest”

One has to make backup copies of ones own

purchased and paid for dvd-s cuss the releaser

makes it imposs to watch it.

Its so unbelieveable its almost imposs

to believe, WHAT goes on at warner soandso bros




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