thank god for PLUGINS to Firefox, esp for blogging

cuss blogging *directly* to wordpress is THE
most sluggish experience ive experienced since
ditching IE-s bullshite browser for the superior
Mozilla browser, after logging in to wordpress
one sits and waits for all the 164738 scripts to
finish loading, it can take up to 5 mins (!!)
and one cant block even ONE of them cuss then
nada works, but with Scribefire its way easier,
i just click the symbol down to the right and then
about 0.1 sec later i can type 🙂


i revised my “Degradation” compilation,
removed some NIN songs and put in some new,
might post the entire trackslsit here some day when i
feel up to it 😉


Bought QUAKE 4 the other day, its on budget now
and its really worth the 99 skr, its not as great as
DooM3 (but then again, nothing is) but its got a somewhat
similar feel since its based on same engine (the ID Tech 4)
and its losely based on kinda same premises, well not really
but its close in feel, unlike Doom3 tho one usually has
squadmates to help you and sometimes youre supposed
to aid them and protect them, usually when ones supposed to
protect or work alongside computercontrolled ai it usually
sucks cuss those ai usually dont do what one wants to,
i rem the troubles with Rainbow 6 game(s),
any game thats based on the worthless Unreal engine
that has computercontrolled ai is even no point in trying
to complete anything, even a fairly new game such as
Halflife 2 has totally retarded ai, but in Quake 4 its a dream
to play with, its almost as if ones playing against
real players, which reminds me, i must try the
MP part of it soon, havent played any MP in any game
for over a year fffs


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