trannies trannies trannies everywhere trannies

while browsing the todays edition of Aftonhoran
there was articles (read ubsubstantiated rumours and hearsay)
about both sarah jessica parker (“uglievoted recently by Maxim Magazine) and Charlotte Perrelli
(Swedens contribution to THE gay event of the year ie
eurovision song contest) and it reminded me of a list i wanted to write herem
dunno why tho since its kinda a bit on the trivia side,
but nevertheless, both those girls looks E X A C T L Y
like TRANNIES, sooo immensly much its scary, exactly like
skinnyassed guys in drag (ewww if youre gonna be a tranny at least
have the common decency to have an ASS to “back it all up” with ffs ^_^
And YES; theyboth look scary, yucky and plastic,
esp Perrelli, take the plastic look of someone like Pamela Anderson
(who also looks a bit tranny if you ask me) and put that on a bloke
and voila – trannyarama! ; )


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