S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Chernobyl first impressions

well, ive been playing that Stalker – shadows from
chernobyl game, i really must congratulate the makers
in making the most PUNY sawnoff shotgun of any game
EVER! I mean, if i shoot at some bloke from around 6-7 feet with
a sawnoff shotgun he WILL go DOWN regardless,
but not in this game, it took 7 (!) rounds of the VERY
precious ammo, speaking of which, finding ammo is
virtually imposs, but heres the real downer of Stalker,
theres plenty of pistols laying around and on dead
bodies, and one can pick them up, but, and this is
incredible that the makers missed on – one can NoT
extract the few bullets still remaining in those
pistols (and other weapons)…!
And since theres a weightlimit
it ends with one carrying around
12-13 Makarov pistols, each having like 2-5 bullets,
how retarded is THAT then???
Not only the shotgun is puny as feck, all the weps
ive tried so far in Stalker makes one feel like
ones running around with a waterpistol,
i counted the shots i fired at one time
in trying to take down another stalker,
37 rounds, from distances of about 10-30 feet
which left me a pistol with zero bullets,
and THIS supposedly a “realistic game!”??
Really, on which planet?

The premise of this game is superb,
nuclear winters in soviet and a solo bloke
running around in chernobyl trying to survive
and doing various “missions”,
but the actual realisation of it is very
disappointing, not only the catastrophical
flaws i mentioned initially, but theres a lot of
other dumb stuff, theres not ONE medikit in it,
its like 26 diff ones in forms of bread, vodka,
energy drinks etc, totally unneeded,
a tarded menu system which is about as easy
to comprehend as understanding the ingame
chats between the other stalkers, since they all talk
sovietskaja aka russian …. Sure, theres subs
in english at the bottom, but when those appears
the stalkers done talking and gone off,
several times to defend some area and
guess what, once im done reading what he said
it turns out i was supposed to aid him,
but by then hes snuffed it, aka mission over.

The weapon sounds in it is also the
weakest and most puny i heard since
halflife 2, first time i fired the Makarov pistol
i almost peed my boxers, WTF was THAT??!
Ive heard more “KABOOM!” coming out
off BB guns and “knall pulver” pistols,
dont know that phrase in eng and im too lazy
to search the www atm 🙂

Speaking of Halflife 2 this game sorta
feels a little like it, only WAY more black and white,
mostly white (and grey), i never seen a game more
white and grey actually, but thats logic of course,
Its a lot like HL2 in the sense one is “forced”
to play the way the makers want it,
they claim its “a huge world to explore freely”
which is horseshit obviously, theres only ONE way
to proceed, the other two possible routes
are ALWAYS hindered by like 200 enemies
or a wall thats 300 feet high, so spare me the
utter crap about “freely exploration”

But its not all bad, it sucks enough for me not buying
it but it doesnt stink enough for me not to
try to finish it, speaking of which
why the #!”##F”!U”#(C#”!K#!
did they do a “project IGI” on us,
ie theres no “noclip”, “impulse 101”,
“give all”, “god” etc?? Games that doesnt have
that ALWAYS becomes forgotten, ALWAYS,
even great games as the aforementioned Project IGI

Ill come back to this game later on once
i played it a lil more


NP –

“geh in die knie. wackle mit den huften.
klatsch in die hande. und tanz den mussolini.
tanz den adolf hitler.
beweg deinen hintern. und tanz den
jesus christus.”


Its not their best tho, despite
it being a megauberclassic,
my DAF fav is “Alle gegen alle” :p

“unsere kleidung ist so schwarz.
unsere stiefel sind so schon.
links den roten blitz.
rechts den schwarzen stern.
unsere schreie sind so laut.
unser tanz ist so wild.
ein neuer boeser tanz.
alle gegen alle.”

“(Everybody Fights Everybody
our gear is so black.
our boots so beautiful.
the red blitz in the left. the black star in the right.
our shouting so loud. our dance so wild
the new evil dance. everybody fights everybody.) “


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