playing Platos buttboi twinkies atm

and were gonna win over them :p
On a sidenote the mofos from Graninge el
or Kalmar energi or whatever those motherfuckers
call themselves (I HATE them cuss i must pay them some
cash every month despite me switching to another
electricity supplier (Fortum) whos about half as expensive
as the retarded kalmar energ
i, yet i apparently *must* pay them
a fee for some reason or other, apparently its in the law,
always nice feeding the pockets of the shareholders
(shareholders is according to Karl Marx THE ultimate
exploitation and im not a marxist but i agree,
people who hasnt lifted ONE finger ges paid by
others for absolutely nothing, THATS exploitation
in anyones book)

aaaahh the italians got their butts beaten last
nght by Holland, 3-0 hehe NICE


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