and no, not NY Giants ^^
Im referring to the book im reading
at present, ie Adrian Goldsworthy’s masterpiece
“Caesar – Life of a Colossus”, so immensly
interesting subject which is conveyed with bravery
and sheer brilliance by the author, who obviously knows
what hes talking about, for instance he tells us that a
Roman Legion was NOT 10000 soldiers during Caesar’s
time, but instead about 5000 (at best, sometimes
it was a mere 1000 men), for those interested the highest grade
in the legion was a Legat (Legatus means something like
Emissary) and they were always senators, beneath them was
the Centurions, which isnt a specific grade such as
“ours” lieutenant, sergeant etc, but more a common demoninator
of the status ranking, every legion had 60 Centurions,
and in turn every Centurion commanded a Centuria,
which had 80 legioneers, which, roughly speaking,
is about two platoons (at least in the Swedish army,
when I was in the Airforce every platoon was about 40-45
soldiers) and six Centurias formed a Kohort (or Cohort)
of 480 soldiers, which was the main force of the legion,
anyhow im digressing, this book is a *must read*
for anyone even slightly interested in the Roman history
prior to the demise of the old Republic and the birth
of the Empire, that event very much involved Gaius
Julius Caesar, his adopted son Gaius Octavian
(who changed name to Octavianus after the murder
of Caesar in 44bc by a bunch of very narrowminded
and cowardly “friends” of Caesar, and no he didnt say
“Et tu Brute” when Brutus sinked his dagger into him,
thats something Shakespeare conjured up in his
book about Caesar, its more probable he might have said
“Kai sy Teknon” cuss he preferred to speak in Greek,
but there is a rumour he might have said “Even you my son”
which would, or could, indicate that Brutus actually was
his son, which isnt impossible, in fact its very probable,
but again i digress ^^
THIS site has reviews of both the aforementioned book
about Caesar AND also the next book im gonna get as soon
as it gets into paperback –
“Augustus – The life of Rome’s first Emperor” by
Anthony Everett, and Ill get back on that one as soon
as i read it (ok i might be cheap but wtf im NOT paying the
equivalent of around 75 bucks for a book, regardless of
the topic!)


“we can kill desire!”

a vid i made for my remix of

“First Aid” by canadian pioneers Skinny Puppy,

and like all good remixes (funy how 99.98 percent of

ALL good remixes hails from the 80s)

its unnecessary long and extended  ^^

The vid is from the poorly scripted s.t.a.l.k.e.r

game, the maker (some spotty russki dude no doubt)

knows sodall about puters as well as shotguns,

its clearly a Mossberg shotgun, right, but the maker

calls it a “wincheaster”, umm wtf is a wincheaster??

Ive heard about Winchester, but wincheaster??

Clearly the maker of this game (and worthless

game engine, xray engine) knows his English as well

as his c++ …

Depeche Mode biography

Im reading Steve Malin’s immensly interesting
biography about Depeche, anyone even slightly
interested in them should most definitely read it!
Its filled with details, some of which i didnt even know,
THATS how detailed it is ^^
Reading it i can fully see and understand WHY
Wilder decided to leave in 1995,
doing everything in the studio and working
24/7 and then having someone as noninvolving
in the musical stuff as Fletch coming down to the studio
saying “this isnt good! Redo it!” During the Devotion tour
it even became physical, Wilder punched Fletch
in the face several times,
And it tells a lot about Dave’s drug addiction
and his life as a junkie in West Hollywood,
its amazing hes still alive after all he shot up
in him and the “friends” he had out there,
what a bunch of absolute tossers!
It tells also of how Wilder was about 200 meters
from being hit by a RAF Tornado while
being in Scotland, he had human tissues
all over him, i must confess i never
heard of that incident before.
The book has one weakness as i see it,
the writer tries to defend Fletch,
THE most unneeded band member of any band
ever, with the possible exception for Andrew Ridgeley
(of Wham), Steve argues that Fletch is needed
as a “vocal for Mart” since he (Mart) “avoids
confrontations of all sort”, what a bunch of horseshit!
I dont buy that for a second, Depeche Mode wouldnt
be if it wasnt for Fletch??! Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
But apart from that flaw, its a very good book,
full of anecdotes, including when the mad Dave
smashes the unemployment office,
and also when he gets that weird piercing between
his anus and balls, he tells us how degrading it is to
“stand on all fours with ass up getting that piercing,
and it hurts like hell!” lol

“Caesar is in Italy!”

Yup thats right, Im re-viding the great ROME series,
ending of the episode numero dos is my headline :p
Molto bene, quid proquo est alea iacta est

X-Ray Engine – suckage and sucky verification boxes

this blog has a LOT of various scripts

runnin back n forth so half the times i log in

here it crashes or fecks me up in some manner,

thats why i use Scribefire instead of hassling with this

slow, laggy and crashfriendly site,

anyhow i wanted to use the excellent “Gish it!” spam remover

site, but sadly they use the alltocommon “verify here”

4letter box that NEVER works, i can clearly see that the

randomized 4 letters were “s”, “4”, “t” and a “k”

and yet it states “incorrect password” and thus it

removed everything i wrote in all the required fields,

so fuck Gish it, WHEN will they learn to use a verifier that

WORKS??? Its so common these days with the nonworking

verifier, its getting pathetic.

Almost as pathetic as the X-ray engine, man what a piece

of JUNK that russian-made graphic engine is!

Its the one that the game Stalker is made on,

and a more buggy, crashfriendly and poorly scripted

engine is yet to be developed, theres so many probs

and issues with it, ill mention just a few of many,

hmm where to start, well lets begin with the

“last save” function, on the main screen theres the

option of pressing the “last save” button which

loads the latest save. Nice idea, unfortunately tho

it does NOT load the last save one made,

it randomly loads ANY of the saved games one has,

im thinking of changing the text to “random save”,

another problem is the loading of a savegame,

ok my puter isnt top of the arts anymore, but

when i load a game, it starts to load, screen says

“loading textures”, “loading spatial-DB” etc as it should,

goes fairly quick but when the last stage of loading

begins, it states “CLIENT – synchronizing”,

i have no idea what synchronizing is or what it means

but it takes FOREVER to load, several minutes,

thats usually a sign of a non-optimized engine,

and quite a prime specimen of a non-optimized engine

X-ray sure is!  Another example of loading a game is

a map level change, it states “load next map?” so i press

the “yes” box, then NOTHING happens for

at least a whole minute (!), its just a still pic of where i am

exactly where i was when i pressed the “yes” box,

and after that minutes gone, the “load next map?” sign comes back

again for like 5 seconds, and THEN the actual loading starts …

Talk about serious NON-optimization, and yet im running a

patched version, it really is pitiful, as well as lame as hell.

Another example of poor scripting is an ingame event,

lets say im inside a building, clearing it out room by room,

i chuck a couple of nades before i enter a room,

then i rush in “sprayin n preyin” as the term is ,

and IF theres an enemy still alive hes toast after the nades

and my filling that room with either buckshot or

armorpiercing 5.56 bullets, i can then see how the room

IS totally “entity-free”, theres NOTHING alive in it,

then i walk out, ready for next room,then voila BOOM!!

– i get shot in the back from someone coming out from that

aforementioned room that i cleared to a 110 percent certainty..!

How the #!”!# is that possible then?? ONLY by POOR scripting,

id accept such behaviour in a game pre Y2k but NOT

from 2007, thats so uberlame it defies logic,

WHERE the logic in that?? Ok id accept it in scifi games

that has teleporters and stuff, but not in a “realistic” game,

its down to poor craftsmanship and nothing else.

I was forced to make a small mod just to get pass

the second map, with everything ingame set to default ie

a totally non-modded game its IMPOSSIBLE to live thru

that map, its too long story to go into details

but it involves radiation that kills the player in

10 seconds flat (strangely enough tho NOONE else is

affected by that radiation, weird huh? Nah its poor

scripting) and antirad meds and a shortage of cash,

id stake my life on the FACT that everybody that has

played it most deff either did a small “survival mod”

themselves or downloaded one cuss it is not

possible to go thru map two without some form of

altering the scripts, all i did was to make a suit

that can withstand radiation, amazing one isnt in the

game by default, either the programmer is a lazy moron

or a poor scripter.

Such a shame Stalker wasnt made in a REAL engine,

i mean imagine it being made by iD Software for instance,

in the uberengine iDTech4, the engine that hosts

DooM3, one of the worlds best engines ever made,

but of course its made by a bunch of people who actually

CAN script, and not some morons from CCCP ….

O well

The actual game of Stalker has potential,

the idea is great, but the engine is a joke.