Depeche Mode biography

Im reading Steve Malin’s immensly interesting
biography about Depeche, anyone even slightly
interested in them should most definitely read it!
Its filled with details, some of which i didnt even know,
THATS how detailed it is ^^
Reading it i can fully see and understand WHY
Wilder decided to leave in 1995,
doing everything in the studio and working
24/7 and then having someone as noninvolving
in the musical stuff as Fletch coming down to the studio
saying “this isnt good! Redo it!” During the Devotion tour
it even became physical, Wilder punched Fletch
in the face several times,
And it tells a lot about Dave’s drug addiction
and his life as a junkie in West Hollywood,
its amazing hes still alive after all he shot up
in him and the “friends” he had out there,
what a bunch of absolute tossers!
It tells also of how Wilder was about 200 meters
from being hit by a RAF Tornado while
being in Scotland, he had human tissues
all over him, i must confess i never
heard of that incident before.
The book has one weakness as i see it,
the writer tries to defend Fletch,
THE most unneeded band member of any band
ever, with the possible exception for Andrew Ridgeley
(of Wham), Steve argues that Fletch is needed
as a “vocal for Mart” since he (Mart) “avoids
confrontations of all sort”, what a bunch of horseshit!
I dont buy that for a second, Depeche Mode wouldnt
be if it wasnt for Fletch??! Yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
But apart from that flaw, its a very good book,
full of anecdotes, including when the mad Dave
smashes the unemployment office,
and also when he gets that weird piercing between
his anus and balls, he tells us how degrading it is to
“stand on all fours with ass up getting that piercing,
and it hurts like hell!” lol


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