“we can kill desire!”

a vid i made for my remix of

“First Aid” by canadian pioneers Skinny Puppy,

and like all good remixes (funy how 99.98 percent of

ALL good remixes hails from the 80s)

its unnecessary long and extended  ^^

The vid is from the poorly scripted s.t.a.l.k.e.r

game, the maker (some spotty russki dude no doubt)

knows sodall about puters as well as shotguns,

its clearly a Mossberg shotgun, right, but the maker

calls it a “wincheaster”, umm wtf is a wincheaster??

Ive heard about Winchester, but wincheaster??

Clearly the maker of this game (and worthless

game engine, xray engine) knows his English as well

as his c++ …


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