and no, not NY Giants ^^
Im referring to the book im reading
at present, ie Adrian Goldsworthy’s masterpiece
“Caesar – Life of a Colossus”, so immensly
interesting subject which is conveyed with bravery
and sheer brilliance by the author, who obviously knows
what hes talking about, for instance he tells us that a
Roman Legion was NOT 10000 soldiers during Caesar’s
time, but instead about 5000 (at best, sometimes
it was a mere 1000 men), for those interested the highest grade
in the legion was a Legat (Legatus means something like
Emissary) and they were always senators, beneath them was
the Centurions, which isnt a specific grade such as
“ours” lieutenant, sergeant etc, but more a common demoninator
of the status ranking, every legion had 60 Centurions,
and in turn every Centurion commanded a Centuria,
which had 80 legioneers, which, roughly speaking,
is about two platoons (at least in the Swedish army,
when I was in the Airforce every platoon was about 40-45
soldiers) and six Centurias formed a Kohort (or Cohort)
of 480 soldiers, which was the main force of the legion,
anyhow im digressing, this book is a *must read*
for anyone even slightly interested in the Roman history
prior to the demise of the old Republic and the birth
of the Empire, that event very much involved Gaius
Julius Caesar, his adopted son Gaius Octavian
(who changed name to Octavianus after the murder
of Caesar in 44bc by a bunch of very narrowminded
and cowardly “friends” of Caesar, and no he didnt say
“Et tu Brute” when Brutus sinked his dagger into him,
thats something Shakespeare conjured up in his
book about Caesar, its more probable he might have said
“Kai sy Teknon” cuss he preferred to speak in Greek,
but there is a rumour he might have said “Even you my son”
which would, or could, indicate that Brutus actually was
his son, which isnt impossible, in fact its very probable,
but again i digress ^^
THIS site has reviews of both the aforementioned book
about Caesar AND also the next book im gonna get as soon
as it gets into paperback –
“Augustus – The life of Rome’s first Emperor” by
Anthony Everett, and Ill get back on that one as soon
as i read it (ok i might be cheap but wtf im NOT paying the
equivalent of around 75 bucks for a book, regardless of
the topic!)


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