new graphical drivers

that will rock your boxers off fffs :p
The DNA Force, based upon official
Nvidia drivers but tweaked and enhanced
a lot, and that tweaking app made them helluva
LOT better, lately the Nvidia drivers has been less
than expected


np – Therapy, found some cool b-sides,
incl “Evil Elvis”, cool name huh ^^


Zeb Macahan, Klas dad and cheating orientals

Yup thats what im watching atm,
Zeb, Luke, Molly, Satangkai,
Punk Anderson and the rest in
“The Macahans” also known as
“How the west was won”,
and it brings back the conspiracy theory
i had about he who played Josh macahan,
im totally convinced hes the son of James Dean,
EVERYTHING fits to the letter ffs! HMMMM
and i noticed that General Sheridan looks exactly like
Klas dad ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kinda funny ^^
Speaking of Luke Macahan or Bruce Boxleitner
as his real name is, he had a better eye for chicks
in that series than in Babylon 5 where he plays
John Sheridan, i mean duh that Erika chick (the mormon
who bites a riflebullit early on) and not to mention
Lloyd Bridges daughter Hillary, quite the
hotties, theyre 100 times sexier than
Delenn from Babylon 5 hmmmmmm
And i also noticed that Punk Anderson
in one episode with the mormons uses a
Winchester rifle and he shoots 15 rounds
without reloading, not that im an expert in
Winchester rifles from around 1860s
but im fairly sure that none of them could
carry 15 rounds hmmmmmmmm

Well the Olympics is over and the
chinese dictatorship took over 30 (or was it 40)
gold medals, geez no wonder, theyre ALL
using “enhancement drugs” (none of them will
ever get close of being 45 years old) just like ALL
oldtime CCCP dictatorship countries also did,
lamers and kandyasses

US wins ladies footie

maybe this will help establishing some
REAL football in America ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyhow congrats, well deserved Olympic
victory =)

AVOID Avast free edition av

Not cuss its not doing its job,
theres no issues there, no the issue is
that theyre FOOLING us, the users who installs it
onto their rigs, NOWHERE does it state
its a limited trial, but actually, it is just that,
despite them claiming “free to personal use!”,
the other day my Avast free edition started to
tell me “you must renewal or uninstall!”
so i went to their site, and heres what it says
about renewal –
Important note: the renewal option is available only to users who have previously purchased the program and their subscription
The renewal option is NOT available to users with DEMO/TRIAL licenses.
These users are kindly asked to purchase the full version.”
Do note the word “purchased”, and the word combo
of “demo/trial”, in that sentence did the words of “demo”
and/or “trial” surface for the first time, , so in fact what
Avast claims to be a FREE version is nothing more than
horseshit when it comes down to it,
as stated the ONLY way i can continue using
their socalled “FREE” AV is to PURCHASE it…
In my book thats not something id define as being
free, instead thats what id call misleading information
and false promises, especially since they do not,
repeat NOT state that fact anywhere until AFTER
ive installed it.
Can you spell LAME?

Karl XII and Poltava

hmmmmmm i just discovered theres
a new russian film called
“Battle of Poltava” which depicts the
decisive battle between Swedish king Karl XII
and the russian tsar Peter the Great in 1709,
im not a historian per se (with a diploma)
but my knowledge of this battle and timeframe
is fairly extensive, ill report here later
exactly how many errors i can find, i already heard
from other sources its filled with inaccuracies,
so well soon see and judge this film ๐Ÿ™‚

adolf hitler,fireftp,hockey,meh

hehe i guess youve heard the
bullshite about how Hedy Lamarr and
leader of the runnersup in ww2 ie
Adolf Hitler supposedly had a sexual
affair?? haha for anyone whos even slightly
interested in ww2/hitler youd KNOW how
absolutely ludicrous and stupid that
statement is that some writer tries
to argue in some new book,
no way in hell that him and her were
lovers, not a chance, period!


hmmmm my Firefox extension called
Fireftp, which i use for updating my
site with, suddenly stopped working,
it just wont connect to the Telia mainserver
and i cannot figure out WHY,
ive checked and rechecked everything and it
SHOULD work, i cant understand it hmmmmm
thats why i havent updated for weeks fffs,
but theres loads of other ftp progs
incl a couple designed for the superior browser
of Firefox, so it shouldnt be too difficult
to find one =)


Ummmm is there even ONE CCCP
athlete that is NOT blooddoped today??
They discover cheaters everyday in the
Stalin boys camp, just the other day some
of those dumbasses had bloodlevels that
should have rendered him DEAD 7 times over haha,
such cretins ^^


Apparently Swedish footballer extraordinaire
Olof Mellberg is a hit in Juventus,
the coach praised him the highest the other
day, shame tho that when it comes to National
football we kinda suck hmmmmmmm


Peter “Foppa” Forsberg and his Icebreakers
team played the other day here in Sweden,
he did 3 goals and 1 assist, so hopefully his
foot is getting better, speaking of hockey kings
i wonder where Mats Sundin will play next
season? He was offered like a quadrazillion
bucks for 2 seasons in Vancouver (i think it was
there) and speaking of Canucks Markus Nรคslund
signed some deal with Rangers, hmm well i guess
he is the minimum lowest age allowed to play there,
one must be at least 34 to be allowed to play
in Madison Square Garden for NY Rangers,
kinda same with the “Allowable maximum
bollock size” for driving-owning a BMW,
if they are at least medium or up youre not
allowed to drive or own a BMW


Saw some episodes of The IT Crowd the
other night and one of them had a cool tee,
black one with just one word on the chest,
“meh” haha id love to have that tee ^^