adolf hitler,fireftp,hockey,meh

hehe i guess youve heard the
bullshite about how Hedy Lamarr and
leader of the runnersup in ww2 ie
Adolf Hitler supposedly had a sexual
affair?? haha for anyone whos even slightly
interested in ww2/hitler youd KNOW how
absolutely ludicrous and stupid that
statement is that some writer tries
to argue in some new book,
no way in hell that him and her were
lovers, not a chance, period!


hmmmm my Firefox extension called
Fireftp, which i use for updating my
site with, suddenly stopped working,
it just wont connect to the Telia mainserver
and i cannot figure out WHY,
ive checked and rechecked everything and it
SHOULD work, i cant understand it hmmmmm
thats why i havent updated for weeks fffs,
but theres loads of other ftp progs
incl a couple designed for the superior browser
of Firefox, so it shouldnt be too difficult
to find one =)


Ummmm is there even ONE CCCP
athlete that is NOT blooddoped today??
They discover cheaters everyday in the
Stalin boys camp, just the other day some
of those dumbasses had bloodlevels that
should have rendered him DEAD 7 times over haha,
such cretins ^^


Apparently Swedish footballer extraordinaire
Olof Mellberg is a hit in Juventus,
the coach praised him the highest the other
day, shame tho that when it comes to National
football we kinda suck hmmmmmmm


Peter “Foppa” Forsberg and his Icebreakers
team played the other day here in Sweden,
he did 3 goals and 1 assist, so hopefully his
foot is getting better, speaking of hockey kings
i wonder where Mats Sundin will play next
season? He was offered like a quadrazillion
bucks for 2 seasons in Vancouver (i think it was
there) and speaking of Canucks Markus Näslund
signed some deal with Rangers, hmm well i guess
he is the minimum lowest age allowed to play there,
one must be at least 34 to be allowed to play
in Madison Square Garden for NY Rangers,
kinda same with the “Allowable maximum
bollock size” for driving-owning a BMW,
if they are at least medium or up youre not
allowed to drive or own a BMW


Saw some episodes of The IT Crowd the
other night and one of them had a cool tee,
black one with just one word on the chest,
“meh” haha id love to have that tee ^^


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